Monday, July 24, 2006

we did it

we did it
we did it


"what should we do"

"we continue!"

and we'll continue continuing.


  1. hi .. i just came across ur blog .. dont know what is the politically correct way of sayin this .. but i really hope u and everyone u know r safe and get thru the situations lebanon is facing witout any problems

  2. hey mazen,
    yesterday i started a new initiative together with some friends: drinking for peace ! so we had a decent amount of bottles (white wine) and started out. the whole time i told them about beirut, about those days when i was there, and about you, your blog, your music , about charbel, sharif, raed, bechir, christine etc.
    measured by the number of bottles we had, war should soon be over :-)
    i´m with you all. best wishes from cologne. udo

  3. Play on my friend. If music be the food of love, play on.

    And let there be more of that love.

    I am sorry for the world's silence but many of us are listening.

  4. hey Mazen..
    Your blog made me create one of my own...
    Take care man..
    and... do it!

  5. Mazen!

    My thoughts are with you all the time! And Sharif and Raed and Bechir and everyone there!
    At this point all I can think of is for you to be ok and sane! It is all absurd but you will get through this mess! Keep on drawing and playing!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love man!


  6. Dear Mazen,
    amazing work. I'm sorry it is being done under such deplorable circumstances.

    Stay strong and may peace be within you.

    Rui Horta Santos
    Lisboa, Portugal

  7. dear mazen
    first time for me on your blog
    may god b with u and your family
    i just wanted to tell u there r a lot of people in israel wo resist this awfall war
    everyday the demonstrations r a little bigger
    i really hope the war will end soon and evan can come back home
    and live through peace and not through wars

  8. Hello from Greece
    Reading you everyday, and other Lebanon blogs.
    This war is just plainly unfair for you people. Period. No two ways about it.
    I start a protest by using the Libanon flag as my profile picture. Just an idea that if enough people do that, it is like internet demostrating for peace.
    make love not war

  9. yes my friend, do continue, please continue


  11. udo,
    we had a pretty calm day in beirut. did you make the israeli air force drink with you? hangover could be a good solution to stop war.
    actucally i just remember. they stopped because our friend condoleeza rice is "in the region".
    keep drinking for us.

  12. Fantastic! Beautiful Lebanese lovers !!! Now that is a much preferable image for my raveged head then the ones I've been seeing on tv lately... a little rose water goes a long way, a little Asmahan on the stereo...oh, habibi...

    horny again in chicago,

  13. Mazen, do u know the answer to the trivia question of the day?
    "What does a phosphorous bomb do to the face of a child"
    If not, visit my blog to find out. You may win a round trip to beirut to witness all the action first hand.

  14. All my best wishes from Spain.

    We won't forget you.

    And most important, we will stand for you all _everything we can do, we will do.

  15. Keep on continuing doing what you're doing so good, continously! love, words, music and drawings!
    I keep standing by you and los lebanesos, always!
    lots of love to R and you
    from your most important collector in northen europe :-)

  16. Great work!
    you're welcome to join Holm-Halom, a joint Lebanese-Israeli Forum.

  17. condeleeza rice sounds like a disgusting meal. some kinda bad rissotto. it'll give you stomach cramps

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