Thursday, January 18, 2007

* new * new * new *

* new * new * new *
mazen kerbaj
juillet-aout 2006

printed in italy and published in france by l'association
256 pages - 25 euros

available to buy here.

book signing in paris on
- 8th of february 2007 at librairie super-héros
- 9th of february 2007 at librairie le monte-en-l'air - 6, rue des panoyaux, 75020, ménilmontant

exhibition and book launch/signing in lebanon: 7th of march 2007 at gallerie janine rubeiz


  1. Congratulations Mazen. Is it available to buy online for those of us who are very, very far from Paris?

  2. and Lebanon...and everywhere...

  3. thanks,
    well, i think it should be on when it's out in france. maybe in february.
    but i am also working to make an english version one day. maybe you'd prefer to wait for it.

  4. actually i checked for you, and it is already available to pre-order from

    here's the link:

    was somehow awkward to type my own name in the amazon search field...

  5. uau, mazen, congratulations. and you posted so many great new drawings… i have to come back with more time and really appreciate them…

  6. Oh. This looks good. Are all the pages translated to french?

  7. well, all the pages are in their original language (mostly arabic, but also french and english), and there is translation to french under each drawing.

  8. Et tu le signing où ton book in Paris, hein ? Faudrait voir à donner toutes les infos. Cela dit, un ENORME BRAVO et tous mes voeux de réussite.
    A tout bientôt,


  9. Very exciting. I can't wait to get a copy. Will order the French, and then the English, when published. Congratulations. Too bad you and your compatriots had to go through such hell ... to put it mildly. Isn't it a bit strange to be excited (which I assume you are) about a book publication when said book was the product of such horror?

  10. well john, i am more glad than excited. until i had the book in hands, it was still a project i am working on. now i can finally put the book - and the war - behind me and begin to work on something new.
    let's just hope it won't be something about another horror.
    but anyway, it couldn't be about clowns either!

  11. Toutes mes félicitations mon bon Mr Kerbaj...


    peux-tu nous repondre STP ??? Je te signale que ton fanclub parisien va finir par se facher. On veut savoir OU ca se passe le 8 et 9 fevrier STP !

    bawsak quand meme

  13. Thanks for the info mazen. Ordering the french version now, then english when it's available.

  14. Wow! Marbrok! (the only arabic word I know, except for my systers name!

  15. ça y est, je l'ai. je l'ai lu. ou relu, finalement.
    je me demande où je vais le ranger dans la bibliothèque, entre quoi et quoi...

  16. all right, i got the info now for the french book signing. i added it on the post itself.
    glad to know i have now a little bit more readers for this book than usual (around 6 persons - if i count my mother - for the first 8 or 9 books).

  17. But where will the book signing take place in Paris?

    Will you not have a gig or two, à l'occasion, while you're here?!

  18. fantastic! Mabrouk!

  19. hahaha tu es surement la premiere vanessa, tu es vraiment rapide!
    tu devrais le classer alphabetiquement a mon avis, entre belzebuth et bush :)

  20. yes ici, they're will be a two days festival in paris with more around 6 or 7 concerts. with a lot of the lebanese scene and more from paris and france and the european scene (around 20 musicians - until now). it is a paris pre-edition of our 7th irtijal festival (beirut - april 07) and it will take place at instants chavirés (montreuil) on 11th and 12th of february. i am going to post all the details soon when we finish the final program. keep an eye ;)

  21. merci, mazen.


    je m'en réjouie d'avance : >

  22. Maz

    Bel ouvrage

    svp mets m'en un sous le coude pour ton passage à paris aux IC


  23. Félicitations Mazen,

    C'est mieux d'avoir un bouquin entre les mains que des JPG dans le PC. Au moins, on pourra les montrer à nos amis non libanais ou qui ne connaissaient pas ton blog durant la guerre. C'est une merveilleuse façon pour nous tous (du moins pour moi qui ait suivi ton blog durant la guerre) de la mettre justement derrière nous, comme un vieux souvenir, une page qui se referme. Je ferais mon possible pour être à Paris pour la signature!! Tu peux aussi compter sur tes "fans" anonymes (ça te fera bien plus que 10 livres achetés)...

    Bonne continuation!!

  24. waiting for the english version, probably polish version will never happen...

  25. Bravo Mazen,en plus chez l'association... courage pour la suite!

  26. well, mazen, that looks great. congratulations. now start getting rich with selling your book ! i wish you all the best, again.

    udo m from c

  27. Hey, congratulations Mazen!
    I'm really happy your drawings will finally be published!
    All the best from London,

  28. Felicidadez Mazen, estoy enamorada de tu trabajo hace mucho tiempo, espero que vengas pronto a España.

  29. no way we can find it soon in the US?

  30. no way we can find it in NYC soon?


  31. hello everybody,
    thanks for all your comments. it seems this book will REALLY be read by more people than usual :)
    no idea of where to get the book in the usa. i imagine you can't. the only way is probably the internet (

    diala content d'avoir de tes nouvelles et j'espere te voir a paris.

  32. Great to hear the book is coming out,
    I'll buy the French edition and hope for the English.
    best wiwshes

  33. Probably I ´ll wait for the spanish version, or english, but, anyway, how can I obtain a copy here in Chile?

  34. Enfin !

    Après le blog, le livre.

    Bravo, et encore bravo. Toutes mes amitiés.

  35. mazaltov!
    hope it will come to be sold in israel too.
    in fact during the war i thought of hanging my prints of your work in the streets of west jerusalem.
    i admit i didn'y have the courage...

  36. Hi Mazen,
    your book moved me, a lot ! Almost as much as when I heard about the war starting in Lebanon in July.
    I love your drawings, the way they really communicate emotions and feelings. All the articles I read when I wanted to know how the people were doing back then weren't half as helpful as your book. I wish I'd known about your book back then.

    Now I'm gonna read your blog regularly.
    Take good care.