Friday, August 18, 2006


from under the lebanese earth
more than 1500 persons are asking themselves



  1. bravo aboulmiz pour ce petit dessin acide et est bien direct.c'est aussi une page d'histoire qui semble être un accident de parcours ni voulu ni accepté

  2. Congratulations for your work, Mazen. I hope with all my strength that this war will be over soon. I hope something enlightens the minds of the people involved in this stupid and purposeless war, that only kills innocent people and buries our belief in human intelligence. Hang on! My thoughts are with the lebanese people.

    Andre, from Brazil.

  3. Bravo pour ce dessin et cette question qui nous tracasse tous...

  4. they say much more than that. you are not the only one who hears the dead. i hear them too. they sing songs of triumph. you hear the despair that you are addicted to.

  5. my dear bint jbeil son,
    i do not hear the deads singing indeed. i hope they're not anyways. i also don't think that 2 months old kids can sing, or else we should send them to the guiness book of records.
    to cut it short, i am very glad that the israeli troops couldn't invade lebanon like they want, but still, i do not believe that ANY human life is worth a triumph.

  6. We may not know why, but hopefully live long enough to know how to stop these things from happening again.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. il est impossible de dire combien de personnes de part le monde se demandent pourquoi.Toutes ces personnes sont bien sûr sans moyen d'agir face à tant d'ignominie,mais entre autres grâce à ton blog,il leur est possible d'exprimer leur colère,leur incompréhension et leur désespoir.Ce blog est une fenêtre sur ce qu'il reste d'humanité et franchement merci.ça ne change rien à l'horreur mais ça laisse un peu d'espoir.Et puis ça laisse une trace,l'histoire est trop souvent réinventée.

  8. you are a model for me of how to represent the unspeakable without overwhelming and disempowering your viewer while also provoking her or him to think, engage, act, not be in denial.

  9. i feell like your work is the only information i can believe, you are the one who tells me what is real today in your country,
    when i read the news i don´t understand words like "hostility" to name bombs over hundreds of people, or worst, when i read the bible, gods tell the isreali people he will kill the people from canaan and sorroundings so they can live there without menaces
    i don´t understand that kind of words
    and i still hear your question in my head

  10. Hezbollah may have an answer

  11. more imortant is if you would understand,
    even more if you knew, because if you don't
    a question may remain demanding more.
    do you count the trees in the land
    giving a shadow
    protecting from the burning sun,
    our fire giving warmth,
    the star of life.?
    some may be greatful for
    the drawing inconveniet, improper,
    as you would wish the tree replaced
    by a human body sucking air,
    the tree cut off the centre
    replacing the everlasting magic
    for a human brain.

    did da Vinci curse the drawing?
    there is a secret he, the mighty man, didn't know,
    but a simple one
    revealed by no $ spent!!!

    if you would just understand a corrupted mind?!
    a friend!?! a smiling one?! a fake!