Sunday, August 6, 2006

gloomy sunday

gloomy sunday
today, i wish to die.


  1. Keep being Strong!!!! It will be over soon!
    love you - b.

  2. dear mazen my name is giulia and am italian,i usedto be in lebanon working and now i am in italy following this horror from far away. i love your blog and your drawing,they are expressing so much how are you feeling. hope to see you one time. be strong, we are many people close to you, i would like to help you in some way, i thin about the lebanese every second.
    yalla bye

  3. mazen
    ce n'est pas aussi simple.c'est pas le moment de se dégonfler.

  4. mazen
    Always thinking about you, following as Giulia does, this war from far away.
    Would you agree to let me use one of your drawing to illustrate my blog?

  5. Ciao mazen, i'm fabrizio, i'm italian.
    sorry for my english, but i just see your blog and your testament and i try to keep all the blog in some secure place of the web.
    be strong

  6. Mazen,

    In Berlin we follow this blog.

    it won't go away.

    this work means so much, sorry is not enough to say that the people of Lebanon have to endure this horror.

    Thank you,

    Tim Blue

  7. hey mazen
    passing all that time drinking at the bar is sicking you deeper. stop it! and move your ass! i think a 30 yo guy must help in this emergency. try calling Robin Lodge of WFP/Beirut (world food programme) asking how to help
    Cell: +963 984 04483
    Sat: +88-2165-4207027
    or others humanitarian organizations
    surely they need help.
    help your people!

  8. My heart bleeds for you.... (well it was my leg actually) but you get the idea....

  9. Mazen-

    I learned of your blog from a local newspaper in Florida, U.S.A. and I am sure the same article was carried by other US newspapers. The importance of your drawings/writings is immeasurable as more people will soon come to see the "real" effects this war is having and not just the numbers game that is played on CNN night after night. Keep posting. Courage. Stay strong for you will get through this.

  10. Never give up!
    Never give in!
    Stay strong my friend

  11. Hi Mazen,
    I'm Malvina from Catania (Italy). I think that the idea of boy from Amsterdam (sorry, i don't remember his name) is great, and i'll do the same in Catania's streets, if you haven't contrariety. Maybe some conscience will be stir.

  12. i've been through shellings myself so i won't say bullshit like "you'll pull through" because i have no way of knowing that. i will say, do what ever you need to do, for yourself. i hated the long nights in khe sanh. helpless, terrified, fucked up nights, other nights when we could get our hands on a bottle or bag of anything to just not feel like that. you are absolutely allowed to feel any way you feel. don't hide anything. there is where the truth lies. try mixing the whiskey with canned milk. it throws up easier that way.

  13. Mazen - we are thinking all time in the people of Lebanon, send you all love, power and energy to withstand this. You must go on being strong - don´t give up. With love - Kirsten from Mexico

  14. Mazen, mother knows best (according to the online translator)...

    Re riccardo fiume's words, yes, people do need to help on the ground. But above and beyond the band-aid quick-fixes, there are those whose calling is to open the eyes of those who can stop this murderous madness.

    And that's what Mazen's doing.

    His honesty, his suffering, his fuck-ups are our way in to the real impact this is having on our people. The beauty of Mazen's work is not the war, but the humanity it strips bare.

  15. dear Mazen , what can i say ??//
    terrible war ....
    all the best , strength and love ,
    Piet , Rotterdam Holland

  16. dear mazen,

    for every kurt cobain, there's a courtney love. please, please stay with us!

    we need you!

  17. and what do you whish to be tomorrow?
    with sympathy and love!

  18. I was thinking about the comparison being made of your work to picasso's.
    In our era people watch the world on TV. They eat their dinner in front of terrible warnews and most of the time it doesn't hit them in the eye. But your drawings of war, one cannot impossibly look at it, without feeling involved. You impose this war on all of us by provoking so much emotion. Like picasso's work, but I would say maybe even more. Because it's raw material from your heart and like Maha said: The beauty of Mazen's work is not the war, but the humanity it strips bare. I think even after this war your work will never lose its meaning and right of existence.

  19. this is for Riccardo Fiume.
    good point! Perche' non metti in chiaro almeno la tua email? mi e' piaciuto quello che hai scritto.
    meglio darsi da fare.... WFP e' un gran bel suggerimento... io sto cercando di avere qualche contatto per andare in Libano. ma per ora non ci riesco. ho preso l'email che hai suggerito a Mazen... devo capire come muovermi per riuscire ad arrivare fino la'. Da giornalista freelance non ho nessuno che mi sponsorizza. E poi adesso vanno tutti in vacanza...
    e poi mi e' piaciuto anche nel tuo profilo... NON MI OCCUPO DI ABBIGLIAMENTO. bene, neanche io...
    kisses, beatrice

  20. Mazen... awee 7alak ya sadeek

  21. ne meurs pas l'ami...tu me dois de l'argent ...

  22. of course you do... but please don't

  23. don't die please.!beacause ı love you..

  24. Italian Comitee of WFP has open a campain pro Lebanon

    @ maha: to me one thing is not alternative to the other, is possible to do both, isn't it?

    @ b99: dal sito WFP
    Marco Frattini
    Cameraman WFP/Beirut
    Cell: +963 984 04487
    Sat: +88-216-54203516

  25. grazie Riccardo, :-)

  26. Your drwas remind me of Gernika....
    all my love to Lebanon people from Spain and Mexico.

  27. C.a.:Riccardo Fiume- (militare statunitense Mario Lozano, accusato dell'omicidio del funzionario del SISMI Callipari, certo non per torturarlo, ma semplicemente per fargli affrontare il processo in Italia. Impensabile.-non direi!)Sorry Mazen... if I use Your place, but is for things usefull at the same cause we are doing somethings for.Hi Riccà, sei anche Tu davvero convinto(sebbene sembreresti un bel pò + smaliziato ed attivo)che là dove Tu dici, trà circa 150.000-soldati(?)americani, inglesi, isreliani etc, in aereoporto ad aspettare i ns concittadini, trà i quali UN VERO EROE, COME QUELLI DI Nassirya ed altri,il Caro Callipari;dicevo sei convinto, che là ci fosse prorpio quel tizio con nome e cognome Italiano e che ad uscire fuori, sarebbe avvenuto per caso, mentre uno giocava col computer, riuscendo a decriptare un documento americano in quella situazione...Allora è pure vero l'11 settembre e che l'invasione del Libano è per causa del sequestro dei due soldati(?) e tutte l'altre storielle,o no!?
    Con affetto italiano a Te e comunque pure a Mazen, che se giustamente potrebbe rendersi anche utile, dal punto di vista pratico, Gli và riconosciuto che non stà come noi seduti al sicuro(almeno Tu Riccà)ma sotto le bombe e non quelle del 1943.Colgo l'occasione per segnalarTI anche questo sito: Raising Yousuf: a diary of a mother under occupation.
    E... Dimenticavo, che significa Italiano, di cognomi italiani è pieno il mondo dopo la seconda guerra mondiale!

  28. Please, read this:

  29. The world needs to hear your voice.

    You are stronger than the bombs, Mazen.

  30. You know - I've added your blogg to my preferred list and I named you the "IT SHIT". After reading your blogg for more than two weeks now, I am realizes more and more the simple powers of your artistic creativity.

    Bottom line, don't eye on me brother, keep drawing and typing.

    Also in response to what you told me regarding my comments on your interviewer from Israel post: I don't care ya Mazen what people think about me; I care what I think about myself and how I can contribute to my loved ones and the world. And by doing so, people will know more about me, about you, about all of us.


  31. Mazen, dear
    I´m sure peace is coming. We all need that miracle. This world it´s upside down but the artists must live to make a good thing with all this shit. Please, we need you. Of course nobody wan´t to live in the horror but you´re changing that horror. Your heart is a big hope. I whish you continue drawing and playing your music. I wish a lot of people with a soul same as your are borned.
    Drink, smoke, do whatever you need to bear war but keep posting. It´s the very true that I need you.
    Kiss, love, hug, & peace

  32. Mazen!
    I hate leaving comments on blogs but... I just want you to know that not a day goes by that I don't talk with someone about you. You and your friends are so much like many of us here in Chicago except that you are being bombed. I always knew there were people who, just like me, want to play music and make art and have sex and eat food in every city that was ever attacked but... this time I know them in person.
    I won't tell you what to do or not to do, except maybe to remember you are being thought of non-stop by me and many others here and around the world.
    After this shit is over, I hope you will still want to play.
    I had an idea to play your solo record at high volume in front of the state department (psy-op stylee!) but, these are the tactics of the war mongers. I hope to never become the flip side of their miseraeble coin.
    Love, its our only weapon.

  33. hi mazen im nuno from portugal and i whant to express my total solidarity to you and to all libanees people...

    best reggards my friend. keep going strong

  34. We too want to die Mazen, we too.
    But your blog is good, and it helps us going.
    Die later, for the moment, we need this blog.

  35. No. You need to inspire us with your art.

  36. Mazen, I hear you. I think of you often and pray for this all to end.
    Please find your happiest thought and hang on to it. It must be so hard...
    love, Maurica in California, USA

  37. j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais surtout les peintures et dessins au crayon. Bon courage vive le liban vive israel vive la PAIX.

  38. Bonjour Mazen,
    Je viens de voir un reportage sur ton Blog, sur Arte, la télé franco-allemande. Je ne trouve pas les mots pour te dire ma solidarité avec le peuple libanais. J'ai honte des atermoiements de la communauté internationale, l'ONU en tête, pour faire arrêter la destruction de ton pays.
    Avec toi et les tiens, en pensée.
    Merci pour ton talent et ta voix.

  39. Salut Mazen,
    j'ai appris l'existence de livraison de missiles anti-bunker à l'uranium appauvri des USA vers Israël. J'ai été témoin des dégâts occasionnés par ces armes en Irak dont les déchets contaminent le sol et l'eau et provoquent des maladies grâves. L'utilisation de ces armes a vite été étouffée par les états unis dont les soldats étaient les premières victimes au retour de la guerre du golfe. J'ai travaillé en Irak et notamment au Kurdistan Irakien pour des ONG. Saddam a été poursuivit pour soit disant être en possession d'armes chimiques. Aujourd'hui, on laisse les américains et les israêliens fabriquer et utiliser ces armes en toute impunité. Une pétition tourne en france pour demander l'arrêt immédiat de ces livraisons d'armes. Il n'y a pas de guerre propre mais celle-ci est particulièrement sale. Je suis de tout coeur avec toi et comme toi, j'attend la paix... courage. Stef

  40. Salam Mazen,

    I'm born in Germany my parents come from Tunisia and I'm into Japanese culture.. My big love is Japanese!

    Why do I write this? NEVER ever forget: the world is HUGE... Many cultures, so many people.. so many smiles, and bad places too.. But never think about dying.. keep fighting! Always keep fighting.. Keep hope and make your soul as big as the ocean! Believe me the World is bigger then Israel wants to make you believe..

    Allez du courage! il3aalam kullu ma3aakum!

    The world shows strengthe from Japan to south Africa! You too be strong!

  41. Cher Mazen
    Je viens de te voir sur ARTE à la TV en France... j'espère que toutes nos voix seront entendues et que la guerre s'arrêtera.
    Je suis franco-argentine, j'ai des amis libannais que j'aime et des amis juifs que j'aime. Je pense que le problème est plutôt du côté des gouvernements, du problème du partage de la terre, qui en est propriétaire ? La justice est difficile de se faire sur ce point... le conflit est un symptôme de ce problème que personne ne sait résoudre encore... si la terre pouvait seulement appartenir à tout le monde...
    Je pense à toi
    Soit fort et tiens bon... moi j'organise une manif à Buenos Aires pour la paix, contre les terrorismes (surtout celui organisés par les états)et pour la justice... j'espère que cela servira à quelque chose...

  42. France - 04-08-2006

    Action Urgente Contre Les Livraisons d’armes
    Par ISM-France

    Les Etats-Unis, qui continuent d’imposer leur veto au Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies contre tout cessez le feu immédiat au Liban, ont commencé à livrer des armes à Israël notamment des bombes GBU 28 anti-bunker, bombes à pénétration souterraine à l’Uranium appauvri.

    Les premières livraisons ont eu lieu la semaine dernière lorsque deux airbus 310 se sont posés à Prestwick en Ecosse sans respecter les règles de transport de matières dangereuses, puisque les autorités britanniques n’étaient pas informées de la nature de ces vols.

    Suite à ce petit incident, G. Bush a présenté ses excuses à T.Blair, et a obtenu l’autorisation de ce dernier pour de futures rotations de même nature.

    Dans un premier temps, ces nouvelles rotations étaient prévues sur le terrain civil de Prestwick, suite au refus irlandais de les accueillir sur leur territoire.

    Devant les vives protestations face aux escales prévues les 29 et 30 juillet en Ecosse, les deux Boeing 747 de la compagnie ATLAS CARGO (indicatifs radio Giant) ont finalement été déroutés vers la base militaire américaine de Mildenhall en Angleterre.

    Nous demandons à tous les citoyens des pays dont l’espace aérien peut être utilisé pour acheminer ces armes, d’agir immédiatement auprès de leurs gouvernements respectifs pour qu’ils refusent l’autorisation de survol de leurs territoires pour ces transports.

    Pays pouvant être concernés par ces vols :

    Grande Bretagne

    Comment agir ?

    1 - Informez votre famille, vos amis, vos relations de ce qui se passe..

    2 - Ecrivez au Président de la République et au Ministère des Affaires Etrangères pour que notre gouvernement refuse tout survol du territoire de la République Française par des avions acheminant des armes à l’Etat d’Israël.

    Président de la République
    • Par mail :

    • par voie postale (votre courrier est alors dispensé d'affranchissement), à l'adresse suivante :
    Monsieur le Président de la République
    Palais de l'Elysée
    55, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré
    75008 Paris

    Ministère des Affaires Etrangères :

  43. Tu sais tu as peut-être l´impression que ton action ne sers pas à grand chose, tu es découragé, mais saches une chose, tendre courageux, ton énergie elle est vivante et intelligente, elle se transmet sans que tu en sois vraiment conscient. Ton action est importante et tu seras soutenu par un nombre de plus en plus grandissant de personnes, crois-moi. Cette situation est atroce, elle ne changera pas comme cela, mais ce que tu fais va grandir et servira d´une manière ou d´une autre. Ne baisse pas les bras, s´il te plaît, car des Hommes comme toi il y en a et il en faut pour pouvoir un jour faire évoluer les consciences.... De tout coeur avec toi, je lui suis par ma culture et ma provenance et jamais, tu entends jamais je ne laisserai tomber. Ecris, dessine donne ton point de vue, que cela puisse maintenir cette énergie le plus longtemps possible. Courage. Sarah T

  44. bonjour mazen
    courage mazen si les artistes ne se mobilisent pas on est foutu

  45. this drawing is of great sensitivity,
    a wonderful piece of work, telling about this state between coma and clarity we're in sometimes.
    thx for this!