Friday, August 4, 2006

webtifada let it be

dear all,
this concept of webtifada (the word is not form me. i insist)seems to have some appeal.
as you might all know, my brain is not functioning to its full capacity these days. i have no idea of what to do. but despite my legendary skepticism, i feel we can do something with all these people around the world connected to the net. i do not know if petitions work. i usually do not sign them and believe in them. maybe there is a better idea. i do not know.
it is really YOU who have to make this webtifada works.
i'll continue posting about this issue to give place in the comments section for some ideas to come out. i want this site to be use as a catalyst because it is draging a lot of people. a lot of people that seems to begin to understand that lebanon is not a desert with people on camels worrying all day long where to find water to drink.
i'll continue doing my job. please try to start yours.
as we can.


  1. I hung your blog in my site in spanish To spread "the word".
    Here, in Argentina, we know perfectlly well that Lebanon is not a desert with camels. The most of the people is worried about what Israel is doing to your country. to be worried is not enough, from my part i wrote about what s going on there in all the places i can. We can shout, we can ask but we have to act. Let s act so, instead of complaining. In acting everything is allowed.

  2. Thank you for creating this blog. I found it through a link via I am in the US and truly I am sick inside to see all the fighting and destruction and pain and horror it causes.

    It helps to read personal piece from people over there. It touches my heart. I also am grateful that we have such a thing as the internet that can connect us regardless of what country we live in or any other circumstances.

    Good Work.

  3. Maybe we can translate Kerblog in to another languages, such as turkish. I read news about Kerblog in a turkish newspaper (Milliyet), but I’m not sure if Milliyet’s readers who can’t speak english regularly visit Kerblog. I believe there are a lot of people who are interested in the drawings, care about Lebanon but can’t understand english. Especially in Turkey.
    So, if we want to spread webtifada we should also reach people who can’t speak english. We need volunteers who translate Kerblog into various languages and another group of volunteers who check translations.


    YES YOU!


    LISTEN - but listen carefully:

    I herewith ask everybody with sufficient web-space on his server(thats basically everyone posting here) to mirror Mazens blog.

    As more of us do this - only a few in different countries are necessary - as smaller the chance Mazen can be silenced.

    Thats the least we can do
    So folks - lets stop talking - lets get to work for something common good.

  5. Mazen...I absolutely love your drawings---very poignant, raw, smart. I go to high school in a very small town in California, USA--I will print out all of your drawings and spread them ALL over my school as a part of campaign on global awareness here. I wish I could do more, but right now this is all I feel I have the power to do.
    Dana Fakhreddine

  6. Why 'webtifada'? Why not 'internetfada' or even 'interfada'? I suggest some kind of button to be displayed on participating blogs. Quite what our blogs will do other than reject Zionist imperialism, I don't know, but I actually do think that memes like this are quite useful. You'll note that every right-wing blog now has a Danish flag on it.

  7. seriously, draw a little something in Arabic and English proclaiming WEBTIFADA, or whatever, that everyone can put on their siderbars, and it will spread like wildfire, insh'allah.

  8. We can assure that we spread the news and that at least in Greece everybody knows well that you don't live on camels.
    I stayed at the same building for 15 years with lebanese families who worked for CCC (one of the biggest construction companies all over the world), I had a lot of friendships with lebanese kids when I was a kid, now I work close to CCC HQ here in Athens, and during the last month I can ensure you they all disappeared from the restaurant they used to eat in a daily basis, probably because they cannot have the slightest appetite when they see - unable to do anything - all this genocide in their homeland.
    This is why we get so angry also here in Greece, because we know that Israelis do not fight against the country of Lebanon (they did not even have the courage to declare a war!), but against lebanese civilians. The same thing that Germans did during 2nd world war in the greek villages. When one guerilla killed one German, the Germans entered in one village they were arresting all male civilians and they were executing them without delay for exemplification! The result was that the resistense was getting bigger day by day!

    And the reason why I am not getting so angry with Israel but with the European countries is that Europe which has lived in its recent history such events, and now is doing almost nothing to prevent such similar phenomena to be repeated!
    I pray for peace!

  9. @Mark K Thank you!

    you got it - Mazen - a little WEBTIFADA drawing (as strong as usual) in arabic & english usable as sidebar - when one klicks he gets to your blog / flickr account - excellent idea!

  10. Mazen!

    Could this free servics be the most simple solution for you?:

  11. WE ARE RESISTING..i strongly agree with you dear mazen, we have a lot to do. we have to work full energy to stop the war.

  12. hmm ive been trying to find a research note on ghandi's version of webtifada. anyone know about this? and how and where they based the term webtifada.

  13. I was watching TV (the news)when they spoke about your blog (Journal d'Arte). When I listened what you said I was very surprised. Yes, suprised to see that some "Isael" people and some "Liban" people (sorry i don't know it in english) communicate and are touched in their hard because of this situation. Especially, I was suprised when I saw the "Israel" girl who said she has "shame" of her country's behaviour. It should be very intersting to translate your website in other langages.
    Webtifada is an interesant concept which must be exploited. It's a "goutte d'eau dans la mer" ("drip of water in the sea) but it's not negligible.
    Even if I am not in your situation, my body is here in france but my hard is with you...
    Gulsum, May God help you inch'Allah