Monday, August 7, 2006




  1. who knows, the real numbers might be even higher. But what matters any number. Israel must stop the bombing now. Every person diying is one too much.
    There is a Demo in Bremen (Germany) against the war on Thursday 5pm leavlett
    pictures from last demo in Bremen

  2. Hi, this is a petition for an International Tribunal of War Crimes against Israel. Please find the time to read it and sign it. It is pretty urgent, as you all surely know.

  3. Horribles numbers.
    And we all know that peace is only one.
    Mazen, I´m standing by you.
    Here in Argentina we are peace marchers and periodically we make huge manifestations in different places of the country trying to win the media... I know that this is happening in all Latinoamércica but you´ll never see it on TV!!!!
    Although the imperial power is against your country you must know that the rest of the world is with you.
    Here we don´t need a war. They are starving us. Malnutrition for our kids, that´s the way the empire
    fight with Latinoamérica. I know that war horrors are incomparables but I´m talking about this to make sure that that war you are bearing is a war against all the world.
    (I hope I´d made myself understand with my precarious english)
    Sure you´ll undertand my kiss, my hug, my love & peace.

  4. Horrible. I posted it in my blog (from Brazil).