Thursday, August 17, 2006

still resisting?

it's 3:30 am.
there is no electricity.
i cannot upload yesterday's and today's drawings.
the war is "over" since monday.
they are still finding corpses under the fallen buildings.
we still freak out each time we hear a scooter or a truck. we think of the planes.
tomorrow we're recording a "war quartet" with sharif, charbel and marc on electric guitars.
i am still drawing.
i am waiting for the day when i can sleep.


  1. when possible, please upload some of your recordings. my chakra needs to be realigned...

    "will the chakra, be unbroken?" (a pun on a carter family tune [which itself was ageless] w/ hinduism)



    p.s. the drawing of you and evan ("i like the smell of your car") brought tears to my eyes. i feel like i have a permissive voyeuristic, yet intimate view into your life.

  2. backenas, zerang, dorner -- all in chicago right now, plotting....for you guys...for lebanon...for the next time we will convene.
    hang tight.

  3. "we will sleep when we are back in our beds, when the moon lights our flag and the breeze brings the smell of our earth."

    beirut, mon amour...

  4. c'est malin d'avoir fait sauter les plombs de la centrale électrique avec votre "war quartet" les amis ! ;-)
    et pourquoi pas "peace quartet" ? :o
    au fait as tu réécouté notre quartet impromptu avec Christine et Sharif alors que nous attendions les bombes, les Israêliens, très joueurs ayant attendu qu'on s'arrête pour en jeter une :-/ ?
    mes amitiès à Marc et Charbel...
    nous sommes tous suspendus à la trève comme un pendu instable debout sur un petit tabouret de bois bancal...
    il faut que ce machin tienne car j'en ai vraiment marre d'être ici à perdre mes journées pour le grand capital
    il y a tant à faire avec vous, et encore plus maintenant
    bises à vous tous

  5. He boys I'm going for a little rest.I'l take all of You in my heart:Mazen and Family,His frends,Zou-Zou, For Ever, Athena,Senzaione,Joakim..., etc.etc.etc.See You soon.Salam.

  6. keep it up mazen..
    nows probably even more important
    cant wait to see you all again..!
    hopefully soon

  7. Been away working and all the trivia gets in the way, war's over, is it raining?
    Definitely hang in there. I want to hear the quartet.

  8. I want to hear the quartet too.
    I hope you can post your draws soon.
    I love your "art resisting".

    kiss, love, hug &peace

  9. i tell people who comment on my insomnia that "sleep's over rated" keep drawing. keep resisting. above all keep the music flowing. i am glad for you and your family surviving this round. i mourn for those who did not. i fear for all of us while so many monsters rule.

  10. Hello, I found your blog recomended by my sister, and I don't know where she found it.

    I am an Israeli living in the US, grown in Brazil, and one of my objectives is to express those facts that people seem to ignore about LIFE. My friend, I am so very sorry for the UNFORGIVEABLE actions of my country, for ignoring the lives of hundreds of people for a reason that is beyond what the people need.

    I would very, very, very much like to have a connection with you and your friends, so that we can have a bomb and prove to the world that peace is possible, but first and furthermost, NO WAR, NO VIOLENCE, NO MATTER WHAT.

    I am ashamed of my country's attitudes, and I see now that most Israelis are understanding the truth about their country's deeds.

    Best regards, PEACE,

    Roy Frenkiel

  11. We can have a bond* :P :S sorry about that mistake

  12. I was looking pics of this moment in Leb... and find your blog...
    Man! Peace to you and your country!!

  13. Cara... não tem nem o que uma pessoa que está sentada confortavelmente no PC da sua casinha segura (mesmo com o PCC aloprando em Sampa)diga. Então só posso desejar boa sorte, e continue firme

  14. wars will never be over until people stop having outbursts of dog-eat-dog / i-wanna-rule-the-world mentality. on the other hand, ceasefires are always good.. and better if it takes hundreds of years before ceasefires stop.