Sunday, August 6, 2006

night of 5 to 6 - always

night of 5 to 6 - always


  1. Mazen,
    The other night I dreamed that I was in Beirut, I was in your flat, and a phosphorus bomb was dropped through the roof and landed on the carpet of the living room. We knew it was coming and stepped out of the way. We just got away in time before the bomb opened up and sprayed white powder everywhere.

    I pray to the Gods of every religion that my dream does not come true. And I pray that these horrors end soon.

    All my love, hope and peace,

    (Brisbane, Australia)

  2. Hey Mazen - I'm a cartoonist from New Zealand (at the other end of the world). I just want to say that I really love your comics and drawings - I spent a couple of hours reading the comics on your website and they're wonderful! I've been linking to this blog everywhere I can, partly because what you're doing is so important and partly because your art is so great.

    Thank you for this blog, and thank you for yr gorgeous comics.

    Here's to peace and art and la belle BD!

    Dylan Horrocks