Friday, August 18, 2006

a daytime nightmare (to peter and michael)

a daytime nightmare (to peter and michael)
4 days of constant wake-up from a nightmare


  1. Dear Mazen,

    Fantastic work you are doing and the best way to express yourself, but do you know what I am asking myself? I really would like to know your point of view about what will happen now. There are so many people discussing this on other blogs and the opinions are so different. I respect yourselves very much and would like to know what you think... Thank you Mazen for all your style handling the war...

    Shebby from Turkey




  3. Hello Mazen. I'm from France and I like your blog.

  4. Hi Mazen
    Another great set of drawings. Rebuilding is always the hardest part.
    Stay with it.

  5. Dear Mazen,

    you keep sending positive vibs somehow in this so negative time... even now

  6. Speachless. Amazing to see your work in colours now.

  7. now, again, they decided to bomb Balbeeck. and i would really love to understand when all this will be over. For good. i think Israel is acting like nothing has happened and nothig and nobody has ever said one world. i don't really understad...
    could it be that there is people that don't really know the existence of the one choice named PEACE?
    love and a hugs - big enough to reach all of you, wherever you are!

  8. very funny yet expressive made me smile

  9. not to spam, but hope you've heard of this, and hope you submit art! can you?? if you haven't got mail access, could others-- friends abroad? email them perhaps!!
    The Freedom Theatre of Jenin Refugee Camp and The Freedom Theatre Foundation of Sweden, invites artist from all around the world to join the children of Jenin in an art exhibition titled:
    “Do not forget - Lebanon, July 2006!”

    The art exhibition will take place in The Freedom Theatre on the 23 of October 2006 and later tour around the world.

    All artists are invited to send their works (paintings, animations, video-art, sound-installations etc.) by e-mail or by post not later then the 5th of October to The Freedom Theatre (address below).

    The Freedom Theatre will be responsible for the printing, delivery and installation.

    A committee of prominent artists and children of the camp will select the exhibits to be displayed.

    The art works will be exhibited in The Freedom Theatre compound in Jenin along with chosen works of the children of Jenin, and then around the globe with Stockholm as a starting point.

    All works will be shown on our web site as well as further information and updates:

  10. E-mail: (accepts high-resolution pictures)


    مسرح الحرية في مخيم جنين و مؤسسة مسرح الحرية في السويد يتقدمان بدعوة فنانين من العالم للإنضمام أطفال جنين في معرض فني تحت عنوان :

    "لا تنسوا- لبنان تموز 2006"

    سيتم إفتتاح المعرض في مسرح الحرية في الثالث و العشرين من أكتوبر/تشرين أول 2006 و بعد ذلك سينطلق بجولة حول العالم.

    الفنانون مدعوون لإرسال أعمالهم (رسومات، رسوم متحركة، أعمال فيديو فنية، صوتيات .. إلخ) بالبريد الإلكتروني أو بالبريد العادي قبل الخامس من أوكتوبر/تشرين أول ، و ذلك لمسرح الحرية على العنوان الوارد أدناه. سيتحمل مسرح الحرية مسؤولية طباعة و إيصال و تجهيز المواد .

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    سيتم عرض جميع الأعمال الفنية في الموقع الألكتروني لمسرح الحرية بالإضافة للمعلومات و الإضافات اتي تطرأ.

    جوليانو مير خميس ، درور فيلر و فريق مسرح الحرية

  11. go to the south and talk to the people. maybe you will wake up from your nightmare and see some strength in people's eyes, and maybe you'll get some.

  12. Hi... I'm from New York, and I love your blog. "A Nice Chat" is one of my favorites. I am so grateful that there are artists like you in the world today.

  13. thank you for everything, mazen!!

  14. i have to admit...i'm impressed!!

  15. Hello Mazen. I am from Japan. Nao

  16. On dirait que la couleur vient contrebalancer ce qu'il y a de plus sombre dans les pensées et les sentiments du moment...
    On ne vit que pour renaître encore et encore. Ca demande beaucoup de force et de courage. Je vous les souhaite de tout coeur.

  17. Mazen, your blog rocks! Really.
    Good luck and peace!

  18. your painting is a very good.
    Today I will pray for you and Lebanon..

  19. i love your work, i'm always here in your blog, always thinking in leave you a mesage, but the words just don't seems sufficiently..... i'm so sorry..... i'm really hoping that all this ..... can just be a really, really bad memory one day...
    i'm sorry...
    Anna Helena

  20. It's so wonderful to see so many people visiting this blog from all around the peace loving world. I have a small suggestion for all of you that would like to do something for Lebanon, and maybe help end Mazen's nightmares...


    Within the next year, plan your vacation, come for the music festivals, art galleries, theater performances -- help kick start the night life -- anything for any reason -- COME TO BEIRUT -- let's flood the place with love (and a little bit of our money).

    If you are very lucky, you may even meet MAZEN KERBAJ and his strange band of friends. I certainly will be coming from Chicago, and I know many others will come from Germany, Sweden, France, Brazil, Argentina, India, England, Syria, Egypt, Korea, Japan, etc, etc...

    I would love to meet all of you there (except the ones that have had their messages deleted!)

    Until then, peace!


  21. préparez vous pour le second round :( !
    apparemment il semble que les isaréliens sont frustrés et il faut bien gérer sa propre crise interne - la guerre ça occupe le terrain des esprit aussi. On se demande pourtant ce que fout la France, ou alors on se le demande plus parce qu'en définitive on le sait bien - un esprit impérialiste n'a plus vocation d'entraide "gratuite" !
    Pourquoi le peuple libanais n'est pas dans la rue pour crier sont refus de la guerre, pour éxiger le désarmement des militaristes de tout bord et du Hezbollah, que faites vous alors que le bordel va recommencer parce que des empires n'ont pas eu leur victoire stétégique en vue de la continuité de leur plan ! Il est sûrement facile pour moi de dire cela placé à 3000 kms, mais je suis étonné de ne pas voir d'action populaire d'envergure. Les armes sont toujours la victoire de l'echec. J'ai bien peur que les nuits vont de nouveau s'assombrir...

    à moins que ce ne soit qu'un autre cauchemar ?

    i hope...

  22. is always looking for the true story, the conditions of Muslims, facts, and the reality on the ground. We want to show the picture through our audience's eyes. You can help us do that. If you have taken photos or done some filming that tells a story, and if you are particularly interested in a certain issue, this is your chance to tell us what's important to you. Send us your contributions, ideas, photos, and video films to : - or

  23. ah, mazen, my friend and fellow musician (i cannot draw beautifully as you do), i wish i could promise that the nightmares go away. mine haven't. i finally, have made my peace with them though. i wish you the same small triumph.

  24. Hi Mazen
    Michael's suggestion is a good one. Before this shit happened I was thinking about it, but not in a 'holidays in a warzone' way. Perhaps the improv festival would be a good focus, especially as most festivals have a little war zone in them.
    best to all

  25. Exactly, Micheal's proposition is the best thing we can do for Lebanon. I am going in december and probably taking some friends with me. Then in spring i will plan a trip with many people i hope. We should push people to visit Lebanon, a lot of them are scared, and if we don't insist tourism is dead in Leb.