Monday, August 14, 2006


night of 14th to 15th of august.





and a bitter taste in the mouth.


  1. Mazen,
    I understand the bitter taste in your mouth, even if my government does not. The Bush administration speaks of long term solutions and finding the "root causes" of hatred, war and terrorism. Perhaps they would understand better if they saw the faces of your people returning to their homes, destroyed by bombs made in America. I wish you well.

  2. si le silence reste... on se debrouillera pour le gout... :)

  3. Hello Mazen,

    Start make music in a silent situation,
    your music and drawings are very good
    doesn't matter in what kind of situation
    you are they still are very good!


  4. Hi Mazen, I haven't visited your place for a few days. I've been busy contributing to organize some help for the people in Palestine.
    I really want very much the ceasefire to last for long, a very long time... let us say a few or more centuries from now.

  5. Hi Mazen
    I guess we're all supposed to be distracted by something else - "oh it's over, when does the football start?"
    The latest drawings are really honest.I still don't know you and all the other people in Lebanon deal with it. But as they say, what's the alternative?

  6. He ker, now we all must take care of the hidden is caming. Lebanon is a very important tourism place!...
    But... lets go on working, at list, staing united, we kan be stronger.Salam

  7. Salut Mazen, j'aime ce que tu dessines et ta façon de dessiner.
    J'aime le Liban et les libanais, le vin et Baalbeck, Tyr et la Corniche.

    Il y a un petit conte philosophique arabe qui dit:
    Un maître et son disciple marchent sur une terrasse, au milieu de la nuit.
    Soudain, le disciple dit à mi-voix:
    -Quel silence...
    -Ne dis pas: "Quel silence", lui conseille le maître. Dis:"Je n'entends rien".

    Permets-moi de te serrer sur mon coeur.

  8. seule la musique de l'espérance peut venir rompre ce silence. Le silence est angoissant car il ne dure jamais alors autant le combler par les rires et les chants d'un peuple qui espère encore malgré tout.
    Je t'embrasse

  9. Hi Mazen,

    Have a good day today and hopefully tonight you can say: "Thanks for this smile somebody has given me."
    Friendly smile over the internet, Fran

  10. Bonjour,

    Je ne savais pas que tu parlais français.
    Décidemment, tu as bien des talents.
    Je suis triste pour le Liban, et malgré le choc de cette "blitzkrieg", de toutes ces pertes et destructions, J'espère que les libanais ne tomberont pas dans une haine sans nom..
    C'est une véritable honte ce qui c'est passé, mais il ne faut pas devenir aveugle...


  11. good day s mazen..chease-fire..Im so happy.. :)
    insallah chease fire never end.

  12. Mazen,

    je suis ton blog depuis plusieurs semaines, grace a la reference donnee sur electronicintifada
    (sur cette page: tu vois, ta webtifada existe deja sous un autre nom...
    Apres l'article dans Le Monde cite dans un commentaire precedent, je viens de t'entendre sur France Inter ce matin (emission du 16 aout, que l'on peut ecouter ici:
    La presentatrice y decrit ton dessin "l'eternel retour".
    J'espere que cette attention des medias te vaudra de nombreuses nouvelles visites sur ton blog !

    Continue tes excellents dessins.
    Porte-toi bien.


    in my country we are all supersticious:
    do not speak loudly of good things happening to you, your neighbourghs might be listening, and become envious...

  14. Hi Mazzen. I'm glad it is over... for now any way. may you and your people lives be better. I hope the same for my people. my brother just came back from reserve duty...Maybe one day we'll understand that we are the same and that if there is any god it is the god of sharing. Sharing of landscapes,sharing of resources, sharing of life and love. Death is his own call and no human being has the right to take lives.
    Here in NY I meet my egyptian friend. His father fought all the wars against israel as an aircraft fighter. In 79 he was a general which fought hard for the peace process. That was his legacy from 30 years of war.
    i usually consider myself an etheist.but I did speak to the "MAN" few times in the past month...
    asking him to stop it all. Is it possible ? i grew up thinking that war is over. I'm now 32. My brother's kid is now 6. That's 12 years to solve the problems before he'll go to the army...I started counting.

  15. Mazen, dear
    very bitter, I guess...
    The good thing it´s that you keep on drawing and making music, fulling that silence. There are excellent news that you & your family are ok.

    I love this blog because you can find (besides your art or because of your art) that in every corner of the world people is praying & working for peace.

    Since I was borned, in the country where I live, we had very few wars. A civil one & another against England. I was a kid during the civil war and i can only remember the terror. Anything & everything could explote at any moment. The other one wasn´t near the city where I had my home. So I don´t know really how are you feeling although i suspect is the worst feeling in the world. I hope this silence is the beginning of an eternal peace. I hope your bitterness turns into sweetness as soon as possible.

    love, kisses, hug & peace

  16. "The Bush administration speaks of long term solutions and finding the "root causes" of hatred, war and terrorism."

    Man, you´re the comedian!