Wednesday, August 9, 2006

TV blues

TV blues
day after day

we stay in front of the screen

ans we see our kids and our parents from the south and the subburbs of beirut


they are dying.

and we see.


  1. Hello penultimo, I saw your post on Mazen Kerbajs blog. Many here in Norway read his blog and on friday one of his drawings figured in a national newspaper here, Morgenbladet. On saturday here in Bergen 500 people were demonstrating in the streets against the israeli bombings. These numbers are very small, that is true - I don't have any impressive figures to post or grand actions to report, I can only say for myself that me and my friends here follow the news closely and feel great frustration and need to help stop this destruction of Libanon and the constant threat to the civilians there. I have friends in Sweden, one of then is the poet Magnus William-Olsson and this is an e-mail I got from him last week:
    Dear Friends
    Al Madina Theatre at the center of Beirut has been a vibrant space where leading Arab artists create theatre and cultural activism on a day to day basis. After this most recent war on Lebanon on July 12th 2006 Al Madina Theatre became a home for a number of displaced families and an activity center for hundreds of children all over Beirut. The Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts & Al-Madina Theatre in addition to numerous volunteers, have been working on alleviating difficulties faced by children in this latest trauma. Within this framework outreach work has focused on bringing children in from surrounding neighborhoods along with those already residing in Al Madina Theatre to partake in creative activities designed to ease their trauma. This letter is a plea to all our friends in solidarity to help us help those most in need. Numerous non-governmental organizations are trying to do crucial outreach work and are in dire need of direct financial support. Al Madina Theatre along with the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts desperately need to ensure fuel for the electricity engine, clothes and food and child activity supplies. Please wire the amount you can contribute to the following Bank Account Numbers: Beirut: Moa'taz Dajani: Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts, mobile 00-961-383-9996 Email: Arab Bank: Account number: 612-879-810 Mazraa Branch, Lebanon. Mona Knio: Al Madina Theatre, mobile 00-961-359-1433 Email: C/O Massrah Al Madina HSBC: 003-071-750040 Swift code BBMELBBX Ras Beirut Branch, Lebanon.For more information you can contact in Amman: Raed Asfour: Massrah Al Balad, mobile 00-962-79-5540049 Email: Dina Abu Hamdan: Haya Cultural Center, mobile: 00-962-777-208033 Email: Samar Dudin: The Creative Network Initiative, mobile: 00-962-777-967777 Email:

    Please respond with any amount you can contribute. Please help us help the children.

  2. Ans we see you seeing them dying.. what a crazy world..

  3. It is very bad.
    but,I do not talk about it with a person, other than a internet.

    Though it is the so severe situation, people do not yet have much interest.
    It is such a feeling in Japan.

    And it is bad again, too.