Thursday, August 3, 2006


in each
two eyes
in each


  1. this is inner power!

  2. from Mural by Mahmoud Darwish:

    One day I shall become a poet,
    water obedient to my insight. My language a metaphor
    for metaphor, so I will neither declaim nor point to a place;
    place is my sin and subterfuge.
    I'm from there. My here leaps
    from my footsteps to my imagination...
    I am he who I was or will be,
    made and struck down
    by the endless, expansive space.

    One day I shall become what I want.

    One day I shall become a vine;
    let summer distil me even now,
    and let the passers-by drink my wine,
    illuminated by the chandeliers of this sugary place!
    I am the message and the messenger,
    I am the little addresses and the mail.

    One day I shall become what I want.

    This is your name --
    a woman said,
    and vanished in the corridor of her whiteness.
    This is your name; memorise it well!
    Do not argue about any of its letters,
    ignore the tribal flags,
    befriend your horizontal name,
    experience it with the living
    and the dead, and strive
    to have it correctly spelt
    in the company of strangers and carve it
    into a rock inside a cave:
    O my name, you will grow
    as I grow, you will carry me
    as I will carry you;
    a stranger is brother to a stranger;
    we shall take the female with a vowel
    devoted to flutes.
    O my name: where are we now?
    Tell me: What is now? What is tomorrow?
    What's time, what's place, what's old, what's new?

    One day we shall become what we want.