Thursday, August 3, 2006


i spoke once of my mom who was 10 years old in the second world war.
today, in the newspaper, i met

"it's the first time i am a refugee"

hamida is from the village of ch'itiya in the south of lebanon, and she is now in the ch'aïb hospital in saida.
hamida is 122 years old. she is born in 1884.
she was thirty when first world war started.
i still have a lot... a lot lot...
god makes you stronger oh hamida. we we remain!


  1. Im 35 years old ,and Hajji hamida my relative , she had been visited us in the villiage chaiteieh evry day ,im remembering her very well the start of 80's ,she nearst friend to my grandmother , and i remember her that she was very old in these days but was very strong, hope hajji hamidi being always allright , god kepp her for us
    Hussien messelmani