Tuesday, August 1, 2006

we refuse

but who is listening to us?


  1. I am too
    j'écoute, avec mes oreilles, mes yeux et mon coeur

  2. "We don't have a choice, but we still have a voice". Lebanon will allways have. And you too : we are listening to you.

    And we know what to think about the "leaders" of the so-called "free world", the so-called "United Nations", all the arabic and occidental "leaders" who let all this happen. We listen to you, and together, we will remember.

    Nous vous écoutons.

  3. a few more ears listening from Madrid. We listen, time an again, tuning in to your distress however pointless it might seem to others, talking about your sorrow, gathering around you hardship, contributing in the only way we can think of and trying to find others. Again and again.

  4. Juste pour dire, ces temps je check tous les jours ce blog, pour tout ce qui se passe au Liban mais surtout pour les dessins. Ils m'impressionnent, j'aime surtout ceux avec les mots fondus dans le reste.voila.

  5. J'écoute tes dessins et je regarde tes mots commme tous tes lecteurs et lectrices humanistes rassemblés ici fraternellement pour te soutenir.

    Hélas ceux qui n'écoutent pas sont nos gouvernements composés de fous furieux, de cyniques, de machiavéliques, ou de caniches. Un jour ils devront rendre des comptes.

  6. I am listening to you and all the others who are suffering. Just know that in my university classes, altho I am an old professor, I am enlisting as many as I can. Yes, I sit here in comfort and economic security, but not in morality for that which is happening in the world.

  7. everybody is.
    but the question is 'who is going to actually DO something about it?'