Tuesday, August 1, 2006

ok, ok, i'll write then.

after the electricity cut of this afternoon, i went to my mother to eat.
i stayed with evan for a couple of hours (it is his first time in beirut for 20 days. he came yesterday and slept at my mother's then went back to his mother's in the mountain today). we played karate (as usual) and drawn a clown. my mom told me that he told her yesterday night:"mmm i recognize the smell of the bed i used to sleep in when i was young." the last time he slept there it was a month ago. he cannot understand nostalgia but he can feel it. incredible.
anyways, i went afterwards to the torino express to drink a double expresso and do a drwaing or two. i stayed there four hours (coffee+8 beers+2 shots of tequila). i did 4 new drawings (i must have 10 to 15 to upload).
then i went to rasha's and drank a bunch of beers with her brother and mother and her.
than i arrived home at 12. no electricity.
0:21 says now my battery level.
and tomorrow i have a lot of stuff to do until late afternoon.
no images upload! no answers to emails! no nothing!
thomas edison, do you vote bush?
good night.

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  1. shure...T.Edison votes for Bush..would he votes for hesbolla..he never would have electricity..so what is living in the shit..people always have to fight..but not with swords..but with their brain or mouth..to having a choice for develop to democracy..we dont need fundamentalists we need fundaments for living together..
    what a bloody way you have to walk to you goals..as everybody in the history..we are on oure way in Europe..just had a stone in the way named Jugoslavia..its getting smaller but not gone..
    so what.. hope for you..
    greetings from BERLIN