Sunday, July 23, 2006

23 july 2006 - BLUE

23 july 2006 - BLUE
of paris i said that it doesn't have a sky but rather a neutral grey stain.

and of the new yorkers that they cannot see the sky because of the heighth of their ambition.

and of london's sky that it is manufactured from flying cotton.

where are you blue sky of beirut?


  1. I can not beleive it, I just can not beleive it

  2. nice to see colour in your drawings again, the blue sky is still there, and it'll come back brighter

  3. I found your blog through a friend and listened to Starry Night while looking through your drawings. I wish there was something I could do to make this madness stop. Here in Toronto, 15,000 of us took to the streets yesterday in protest, but it doesn't seem like enough.

    Stay safe. You, your family, all of Lebanon are in my thoughts.

  4. Don't give up.

    I firmly believe the people who want peace on this earth outnumber those who wish for war. When enough of us speak out, this madness will end. But so many people are so deathly quiet.

    But please don't give up.

  5. Thank you for your art and your words. My heart and prayers are with you, your mother, my in-laws who have fled to the north of Beirut, and everyone in danger. Many of us in the U.S. are appalled by this madness.


  6. Marhaba Mazen
    Thanks for helping me to keep sain. what is Laure's blog address?
    Sorry I have not gone yet through your entire blog. But I will get back to check on your recent postings.
    Keep creating Lebanon needs you The world needs you
    Love from Australia

  7. I found a link to your blog, I love your drawings.
    Stay strong!

  8. The Beirut sky every morning reminds me of "Goodbye Blue Sky"...
    But we keep on praying and know that things will get better while we will hang on!

  9. Tes dessins sont interdit aux Emirats Arabes Unis... je peux lire tes textes mais ne peux pas voir tes scans... ils sont bloqués par le Gvt Emirati... Voila... le Monde Arabe est dans un piteux état.

  10. you added color! it is lovely. mazen, it is a sign of life. it is so beautiful.

    Rebecca from Switzerland

  11. In solidarity and amazement as always with what people can cope with.
    I'm appalled at what is done in the name of nations and powers.
    We are only saved by accident.
    And thanks to Zerang for spreading the word.

  12. hi mazen
    we just spoke a few weeks ago here in rotterdam where you performed at our venue, and how you told me about beirut being a exciting place to live and work and how you and sharrif building up this free impro scene and having your own label. I cant nearly begin to imagine how the war must affect all of this and of course your personal wellbeing.
    Take care, and we'll be in touch about our special about your label and music at radioworm/wormstation

  13. thank you, i think your blog is amazing. about 15,000 people in sydney, australia took to the streets on saturday too. people are saddened and angry everywhere, i can only echo other people's comments, but i feel them just as fiercely. stay strong, don't give up.

  14. I found this link via

    "Each coffin represents a single person killed in the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon. With this page, I am trying to show how disproportionate the whole war is. I will be updating this page daily with new numbers taken from BBC's coverage on the conflict. For comments and suggestions please email me at info[at]"


  15. thank you for giving this insane campaign of revenge a human face - I wish the warmongers soon to get their digged-down heads up from the sand.
    I will continue to follow you through this.

    ulF k

  16. the blue sky of beirut is within you. keep it safe.

  17. Yestaerday - I was so busy I didn't take the time to call and tell my Congressman to do something to stop this - I'm ashamed. I forgot we are all connected in this world - you helped me remember and feel your day.

    I will do better - more - today. Thank you for reminding me - my prayers are with you all.

  18. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.