Monday, July 31, 2006

fast and furious

like in the good old days, after 12, no more electricity. not even the neighborhood generators. we have to be careful with the fuel. it is running out slowly but surely from the country, and running in quickly and surely on the lebanese and mediterranean coasts.

i have 0:31 on the battery level on my old laptop. no 0:30 in fact. just enough time to write this post, but no time to upload today's drawings (and some of yesterday's). neither my mom's drawing on her site (for three days! what kind of ungreatful bastard am i?)

it is quite funny to write on a laptop connected to the world with a candle next to the keyboard to see the letters.

what to say? i am somehow limiting myself more and more to only drawings. i am freaking out from emails to answer. and still those comments coming on the drawings. again and again. trying to tell me that the THIRTY SEVEN kids of qana were killed with their mothers by the hezbollah. again and again i have to point out that:

THIS IS BY NO MEAN A POLITICAL BLOG. can't you fucking see there is almost just fucking drawings on it?
would you think of going to picasso and saying that yeah, guernica was awful, but it was because of the republicans and not franco and the nazis air force?

fuck, it's 0:22. i lost 2minutes for this stupid sentence.

i loose too much time answering everything (for all the people who are sending emails these days, please do not get upset if i am not answering, it is going worst and worst with the days).
i still let myself go into interviews. sometimes they are tough and you have to argue for ten minutes on the phone with the guy to be able to convince him that everything you want to do for the moment is to eat the dish that is getting cold in front of you.
however i was heroic and refused an interview with the cnn.
and one with the iranian tv.
to equilibrate.

0:16 (there's a red light now)
is there enough time to say that i am happy to see we are becoming all of us the same nation? it is really cool. we have one president, the respected mr. george bush. and a governer in each country. it seems that tony blair, angela merkel, and all the other european presidents have the same post than arnold schwarzenegger these days.

actually there is still a lot of time to say a lot of things. everybody should wake up. now. we are all in these deep shit.

you are running on low battery mode


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  1. Good night, Mazen.

    Our thought is with you...

  2. Good luck... and for the first time I really mean it.

  3. hang in there, and keep on posting

  4. My thoughts are with you. Keep the hope alive!

  5. your drawings are sad but beautiful

  6. My thoughts are with you.
    Thank you for the breathtaking drawings.

  7. Dear Mazen
    don't worry about answering mail and stuff. I'm sure everyone is just writing to let you know that we hear you.
    let me say, that it is of really poor taste on behalf of those arguing with people being bombed about who's to blame. PEOPLE DIE FOLKS. SO LET'S LEAVE ALL THAT DRIVEL FOR PEACE TIME OK? LATER,NOT NOW OK?
    And I just wanted to check in and say take care.

  8. I had to respond to the some of the BS I read from the pro-Israelis guys. Firstly, Israel is a terror state… they intentionally target children & civilian. In 1999/2000 over 800 Israeli soldiers refuse to fight in the army...the soldiers indicated that the army/air force deliberately target civilian population and hence they don't want to serve in an army that intentionally kills civilian. What an immoral country

    Actually, a documentary was made about thee Israeli solders which shown on LinkTV, on July 28. Here is the soldiers’ website… Don’t Ever Say that Israel care about human live, when in fact it is the immoral country.

  9. Stay safe! And fight till the last breath!

  10. I can't speak for Iranian TV, but I've seen enought of CNN's twisted perspective on reality. Thank you for refusing to give them the sound bites they so desparately need to keep their ratings at a level which commands a higher price from their advertisers. If CNN/Fox/etc. had any courage or honest journalistic priciples, they would have called the Bush Administration on the carpet long ago. Alas, here I sit, a man without a voice, a small bit of lubrication (my tax dollars) oiling a machine where the blind lead the blind. I wish you continued strength Mazen, and I wish peace.

  11. All I want to say,
    Please, stayin' alive!

  12. Mazen- I know exactly how you feel and as trivial as it sounds it is good to channel some of your anger frustration into some form of creativity. I will keep checking your blog. Stay safe, and even though sometimes it seems futile, I am hoping for peace.

  13. For me in America, you replace the politics with a human being.
    The politics are just bullshit. If you and Ariel from Tel Aviv and I were together we would play great trio music and talk about records and hopefully have some good humus.
    This shit has nothing to do with the human beings of any of the countries.
    I am sorry this is happening.

  14. Je suis confortablement assis devant mon ordinateur, à Paris, dans un pays en paix. Je ne peux même pas imaginer ce que vous subissez à Beyrouth et dans tous le pays, sous les bombes.
    J'ai visité le Liban il y a deux ans. J'ai été à Beyrouth, à Zahle, à Baalbeck, à Bcharré, à Tripoli, et à Byblos. Partout, chez les chrétiens et les musulmans, j'ai rencontré la même hospitalité, la même générosité, et aussi le même désir de liberté et de paix. Ce qui se passe me fend le coeur. Je souhaite profondément que le Liban traverse cette épreuve, s'affranchisse des emprises étrangères, et devienne pleinement le pays ouvert et libre qu'il mérite d'être.

  15. my regards from athens, greece..keep it up

  16. dude,
    i linked to your blog tonight
    like your stuff
    i am trying to get this info (your site) out to friends who don't read or don't know or read/know, etc.
    my blog is at
    feel free to bother me
    it's useless but WTF

  17. Only us your readers do have electricity now...we know our thoughts are still with you but you can't guess it.

    Hope your imagination will replace electricity. When it's fixed you can discover all these new comments and support and you can see your imagination was right.

    We're still with you even if you can't see it. Your blog cannot die!

  18. Black's@ Amin IskandarAugust 1, 2006 at 3:30 AM


    Love you drawings..
    It touched me..

    We are behind the Labanese people!!!!

  19. You're perhaps not up for a discussion on the role of Art in society right now - (or maybe that would be some sort of return to normality) but your work is posted in the biggest gallery in the 'world' and, like it or not, it has touched a chord - and it is public and articulating something we all dread to feel.

    Unfortunately the public seem to want more of the artist and do not understand the compulsive response that forces the pen, the brush, the clay or the lips that form the note. Should the artist be a political spokesman?

    ......I think I'm just trying to say do what you are doing so well - keep making the marks, the notes and the poems - and let the rest go hang.

  20. Good night Mazen. First of all my thougts are with you.. And i admire your drawings, they are really impressive..
    I am with you, stay safe..
    (from Turkey)

  21. mazen dear,

    I'm one of those you didn't want to see ever again (omi people, n.y, 2004): fernanda, half libanease but actually brasilian, remember me?
    so, just like life is, and everybody is, I'm here cause I though "oh cheat, mazen lives in beiruth and etc", but I don't really care about the war... awfull, but I don't. I still go to the movies (american), eat supermarket food, just arrived from vacation, still doing my fucking not necessary music ant theatre.
    miss our conversations around that increadible landscape upstate new york , hating the big brother situation. love your draws.
    best. fernanda.