Tuesday, July 25, 2006

faulse alert

ok, ok. i should calm down. i know.
i can see the blog again sometimes and sometimes not. must be a connection problem. but it is the second internet problem i have in a week. last week i stayed for 12 hours not receiving emails! not even on the webmail. a friend said that it is because my mailbox and sites are totally overloaded.
i am really becoming too paranoiac. it's crazy.


  1. While your blog was "down" I wrote the following:

    Twenty-Ninth Hay(na)ku

    Says the
    Only religion I

    Stomach right
    Now is the

    That says
    We’re born, we

    We die
    As clowns. I

    Remember that
    Lousy B movie,

    Klowns From
    Outer Space? He

    I never
    Saw it, I

    Neither did
    I. I think

    Watching it
    Live. When he

    I check
    My favorite blogs.

    Cats are
    Fighting. Eileen’s

    Exclamation points.
    Sam is back

    London Blur.
    Mazen’s blog is

    Which scares
    Me. Omo Bob

    Poses as
    The man with

    Pearl earring.
    Laure writes Bonne

    Á tous
    Et bonne vie.

  2. I didn't write any haikus, but don't feel like you are alone: Blogger treats everyone badly and will randomly disappear or act up all the time.

  3. hi mazen,

    yes, war can provoke that kind of feeling (especially when innocent people are attacked). also, sometimes, very deep emotional and physical scars... but you must know all these things better than i do. and you could be right, as your blog is "inconvenient". but it doesn't seem to be the case. also, if all infrastructures are attacked, it is in a way probable that there are some internet problems (easy to say and analyse when one is out of there and safe, i know...). what keeps amazing me: your courage to denounce and show everyone how things really are! i don't want you to die, no one here wants that. this made us aware and intervenient, we all think of you every day, feel very, very uncomfortable about what is going on there and try to assure that at least you and your family are safe by visiting your blog daily, by doing what we can... we feel impotent too, that's an horrible feeling.
    Wrote a theatre play this weekend, mazen: inspired in beirut horrors. hope it will get on stage soon, at least i'll try to do everything i can so it will happen.

    lisbon, portugal

  4. Your blog is beautiful, and your art takes the cold distance out of the news and lets me feel rather than simply watch this tragedy.

    Thank you for your blogging.

  5. Hi Mr. Kerblog, er I mean Kerbaj,

    Have only been reading your blog for a few days, but am already ADDICTED.

    Then you were gone (NOTHING). No Kerblog anywhere. Quite a few hours of checking (while pretending to WORK in my office) Some paranoia for you.

    POSITIVELY your mother's blog was still UP. Almost wrote to ask her if you were OK, but didn't want her to worry that you weren't OK because Kerblog was temporarily DEAD.

    But you have now had a RESURRECTION. Be happy alive and keep up with your creativity.


  6. everytime i see lebanon on the news i think of you. when blogger was down this morning i choked a little bit. like the silly old bear says blogger does this to all of us from time to time. still, i was so happy to see that you're still with us. i especially love the "freedom flag" it's perfect. i'm sorry for the brutality of my country. i miss the beruit i visited in '78. please, remain, resist, endure.

  7. i know that feeling very well!!! even if the sites are loading a bit slow i start to panic and ask ppl if they re having any internet problems. it s crazy. i couldnt connect to the internet today for an hour. i thought, this is it, they cut the net. but then it came back.
    i hope u ok tonight.
    ur blog is great.

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