Sunday, July 16, 2006

it's enough

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  1. Yes, please, it is enough.
    It has finally become clear to me what is happening. The usa has finally letting israel off the leash. The only ones that can make the israelis stop the carnage in Lebanon is usa, and they won't even consider it. Of course, during these BXSH years, the leash has been removed regarding the Palestinians, but the muzzle was always in place regarding israel and the rest of the region. Now that Iraq is clearly a failure and Iran is getting stronger and spreading influence in iraq and afganistan, the usa can see that the game is almost up, so it's time to cash in on their massive, 40+ year investment that is israel. While the hizbollah provocation was stupid, it is now clear that israel was ready to pounce at the smallest provocation, and clearly they would not have done so without the OK from the usa. This week, Lebanon. Next week, Syria. Then what? Undeclared israeli nuke's to Iran? BXSH makes statements about israeli restraint, but if he really wanted them to stop devastating Lebanon, all he would have to do is pull the string. Beware the puppet master...
    Mazen, I know this must be a small comfort, but you should know that are many of us in the usa that are in solidarity with you and Lebanon. Keep writing and drawing and hopefully your trumpet duets with the bombs will be brief.
    yalla, habibi,