Thursday, July 20, 2006

Aaah this good old technology

it works!
i'll finally upload the last 2 days drawings this afternoon. there is around 10 of them.
for the moment, i'm going to a demonstration in the downtown to ask for an immediate stop of the massacre. i hope we'll be a lot of people, but i do not count on this.
keep your eyes/ears open.


  1. Great! Great!! Great!!! I´ll run to flickr for your drawings, I deeply hope you also keep posting stuff here (reflections in words at least), and my heart and mind is with you in the demonstration. Be brave.

    One constructive thing that this dirty little war generated, apart from your essential blog Mazen and his excellent drawings, is I too had to create a blog of mine to be able to communicate here ... I now realise it would be fun to actually also use it.

    So. Make things happen: Visit me to think, feel, communicate, argue, agree, enjoy poetry or reflect:

    And to every one in Lebanon: No fear. Suffering and pain, i know, but no fear pls. OK OK, I realise there is inevitable fear. But I wish fopr you, anyway: NO FEAR. Keep resisting (not this or that person or nation or organisation; keep resisting violence, destruction and fear).

    The heart of the world is with you.

  2. Shou sar bil dowltown? Akeed lah tkhabirna.

    waiting for your flickr drawings...

  3. Salut Mazen,

    Ca me fait plaisir de tomber sur ton blog et tes dessins, d'autant plus que c'est un ami israelien (un amisraelien, quoi..) qui m'a envoye le lien et j'ai reconnu ton nom.
    Parler parler je le fait autant que je peux ici a Londres, avec lui et avec tous ceux qui veulent bien. J'ai pense a toi et Diane et tous les gens que j'ai rencontre au Liban, meme si ca fait longtemps que je suis venue pour la derniere fois.

    Je continue a te lire, tes dessins devraient etre montres ici! Leur voix porterait davantage que la mienne! Haut et fort aux oreilles de Yoblair.
    Bon courage a toi et a vous
    Viva el uploading)


  4. Salut Mazen,

    J'ai découvert ton blog hier via le réseau alternatif qui t'a référencé.

    Continue Mazen, parle, écris, dessine, dessine, dessine, dessine, dessine !!!
    Ici, à 5000 km de distance nous ne pouvons pas faire grand chose, si ce n'est faire suivre toutes les infos qui ne sont pas calibrées par la propagande.

    De mon côté, j'ai déjà fait tourner tes dessins. Ça plait beaucoup.

    Continue Mazen, parle, écris, dessine !

    Et si tu le peux, donne-nous aussi des adresses d'autres blogs comme le tien.

    Keep on

  5. War has shattered many young men's dreams
    Made them disabled bitter and meanLife is too precious to be fighting wars
    each day
    War can't give life it can only take it away

    It's nothing but a heartbreaker
    Friend only to the undertaker
    Peace love and understanding
    There must be some place for these things today
    They say we must fight to keep our freedom
    But Lord there's gotta be a better way
    That's better than

    What is it good for
    Absolutely nothing
    Say it again
    What is it good for
    Absolutely nothing

  6. Mazen, we think of you, I am really looking forward to you, Sharif, Christine and all the others coming to play for us in the beginning of September. What is the answer to military violence and slaughter, how can you throw bombs and say peace and safety? There are many structures for peace: water, electricity, schools, health, music, experiment, places to go: the male military way of reacting is: destroy... Peace from your friend Thomas Millroth, Sweden

  7. en ecoutant "starry night" c'est la premiere fois ke jentendais les bombes qui tombent a beyrouth... je suis loin du pays et de ma famille et ca me tue... le bruit des bombes qui tombent sur la ville, sur les gens.... putain j'espere que tout ca va s'arreter tres vite... merci pour ton blog tes dessins... je commence a perdre de l'espoir pour mon pays... mais il ya encore des gens comme toi qui emmerdent la politique et preferent ecrire et "exprimer" la verite sur les gens et sur la ville...

  8. black propagandaJuly 20, 2006 at 5:57 AM

    great work - stay safe

  9. just heard "starry night" now. amazing and frightening.
    do you think these demonstrations make any difference? i feel we are all trapped in a desperate situation.
    tel aviv

  10. Mazen, use to upload your images.....its free and easy to figure out...

  11. A Lebanese flag hangs on my window.
    I’m a French student in Drama in the university of Lyon. My Lebanese friends and I are trying to create an international network to make people in France, in Europe, and all over the world where information is partial, conscious of what is happening in Lebanon and of what is really the action of the Israeli army against the Lebanese people.
    We’ve created a blog
    I’ve put there several of your drawings and a link to your blog and to “Starry Night”. Hope you don’t mind, but I think it’s really important to spread the information as far as possible.
    Your job is great, go on.
    We refuse to see Lebanon destroyed by the bombs whereas the international community doesn’t move. We refuse to see the Lebanese people killed by the cruelty of Tsahal. We refuse to stay silent. We organize demonstrations, we try to inform. Stay hopeful. The whole world isn’t blind and deaf. We are with you all.

  12. J'ai mis un lien vers ton blog sur le mien et passé l'addresse pour qques journalistes finlandais. Shukram pour les images et la musique, stay safe

  13. War is always a good business: invest your own children!

    Peace be with you all...

  14. Hello from America. I am not from the middle East; I am not Jewish nor Muslim. I guess you could say I am just a regular American with no extensive knowledge of middle East politics or history. In fact, it's hard to really understand what's going on now in the area. However, your cartoons have really touched me. They are heartbreaking and make me want to cry. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and other innocent people who are caught in the middle of this conflict.

  15. Wow!
    That track!
    It's strangely beautiful, and strong, and sad, and desperating, and full of life, and, and...

    I don't know. I've been thinking a lot about this idea that art is useless. And a few weeks ago I decided that it wasn't true. I need to let my music and comics do things...
    I'm trying, but you're already there...

  16. RESIST!

    love from argentina

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  18. Salut Mazen, salut à toutes celles et à tous ceux que j'ai rencontrés à Beyrouth... salut à toutes celles et tous ceux qui souffrent au Liban et en Israël (même si ces mots sonnent comme un pathétique cliché...).

    Bien que ne l'ayant vécu qu'à distance et dans l'incompréhension de l'enfance, je n'ai jamais oublié ça :

    C'est toujours présent dans ma musique, malgré moi... A chaque nouveau conflit, à chaque épisode d'une violence toujours recommencée, une douleur se réveille, toujours aussi terrible. Et se pose à chaque fois la limite de ma pensée : "Le pouvoir est maudit".

    Amitiés à toi qui résiste par l'écrit, les sons, les dessins.


  19. Mazen, Une copine australienne m'a envoye l'addresse de ton blog. Tres emouvant. And the drawings are stunning. I'm going to link to it from mine today. My thoughts are with you, for what that's worth.

  20. دعواتي لكم

  21. Salut Mazen

    This evening in Paris a meeting and demonstration is to be held in front of UNESCO to call on to an immediate ceasefire and get Israel stop this terror and violence against Lebanon.

    I will carry your drawings with me, especially "we resist" and "how can I show sound in a drawing".

    I can perfectly hear the sound, it's the same as the sound of Guernica.

    Pictures in newspapers are not strong enough to let us hear that fucking sound. Please keep drawing and posting.

    I'm with you

  22. Hi, we are with U - many of Polish people are against the way of Israelis politic, I hope u are fine and everything will be o.k.

    Be strong my friend!

    I'll read your blog regularly.

  23. I'm hoping this shit will end soon and we can jam out in the States. It's like the past sixteen years of relative calm went down the drain.