Thursday, July 20, 2006


evan is 5 years old and didn't live any war.

"we play karate?"


  1. Mazen, I am rivetted by your blog and look at it every day now. It is the Real news for me. I am amazed at how hard you are working to keep sending out drawings and music. I never was moved much by news of war and death until I had a child. Since then every time I hear of a war-death I think of the Mothers of the children and the profound grief they are feeling while I worry over skinned knees. Courage and love to you and your family. Liz

  2. tell evan to use the mind. show him to make a perfect movement, not a lot of movements.
    remember him that the most important thing in karate is breath.

    (my sensei told me so. i agree)

  3. i remember this bruce lee movie i watched 30 times when i was a kid. he says to his student: "don't think, feel". but this is for kung-fu. maybe karate is different.
    keep in touch liz and andres. we're staying here.

  4. the way of the dragon!

    both agree;
    breathing keeps the head in its place, and make things flow and easy to feel.

    i think i know some people out there who sure need to breath a little more.