Wednesday, July 19, 2006

images delayed

i finally got a connection and was ready to upload a bunch of drawings. 2 things are retaining me for the moment.

first, the blog is taking too much time to publish. it must be because i am posting a lot of drawings. do anyone knows if i can find another blog hosting site where i can publish a lot of drawings? i might need it soon, because it seems i won't stop drawing soon, unless i cannot find paper anymore.

second, i checked the last comments posted on the blog (especially those on the "we resist" drawing), and i think i should begin by answering them. i will do it here rather than in the comments section, since i am not answering much more important comments from friends and supporters from all over the world.


  1. If you ask me - if you have to choose - ignore the we´ve-heard-it-a-million-times-before-political polemics/abstractions on the blog and post your drawings pls. I´m waiting eagerly to see them. What the world need now is drawings, not rhetorics. Keep drawing. Don´t stop drawing. Will look for another blog site, hope to be able to help. Draw now

  2. hmmm.. that's too forcing, dont you think? it's like he's just another show that you wanna control the volume up or down? if you cant appreciate his words, which i think isnt just a "weve heard it a million times blah blah" because it is a personal experience which is happening in the NOW, then it's kinda disrespectful to wanna have his drawings.. are you a news editor somewhere who needs some new scoop or do you have any sympathy with what is happening?

  3. Honey mario, I´m far from being a news editor anywhere. I´m a poet. I get the very strong feeling throughout this blog that Mazen Kerbaj does NOT have the time or energy now at all to discuss Middle East politics and reply to polemics concerning Middle East politics that we HAVE heard one million times before. I have deep, deep sympathy for this. And deep, deep sympathy for the people suffering in his country, due to a conflict the structures of which I´m not really interested, either, in repeating here in absurdum. My WISH, a very selifsh wish I admit, is that Mazen concentrate on his creative work. Which is atristically excellent AND politically important as it breaks NEW tracks-of-thinking. Objections?

  4. PS I think you might have misunderstood me? My "heard it a million times blah blah" does, of course, not refer to Mazejs words. I refer to quite predictable agitation and polemics expressed by a few other bloggers in their posted comments. If Mazen Kerbaj wants to use words, I want to read them. OF COURSE. But I would like to support him in his expressed wish, having more important things to do (drawings? music? poetry? other words? coping with daily practical matters in an exceptionally tough situation?) NOT top be forced into the good old Good Guys-Bad Guys-polemics which are designed to make us lose our sympathy for what IS going on and the insight that it makes a lot of people suffer ,regardless of their political or national label.

    So. What´s YOUR job Mario?

  5. When we say what we see, they call it poetry. When we say how it feels, they call it politics. When we say what we think, they call it rhetoric.

    Marzen, I hope you'll do whatever you need to in order to survive and remain sane. Your work in ANY form is grabbing millions by the shoulders, shaking us, scaring us, inspiring us. Thank you for letting us see some of what it looks like when the unbelievable arrives at your door. We protest + march, write + light candles, and send you love.

  6. hi maria,

    i am neither a poet nor an artist nor do i need to tell anyone what i do with my life. but to make it simple, i do sympathize with ker, and your first post "made it seem" like how i described it earlier. the weve heard it a million times comment is not intended for whatever ker has been saying again and again but to those similar ideas as well. ker's experience, even tho weve heard them a million times already being said by a lot others, because of the way it was said now, gave it a different dimension and emotion... as you said, it did break NEW tracks-of-thinking.

    but in any case, your replies do show that you have a different and in fact, valid reason why you said what you said and i have no objection about them anymore. :) the way i replied to your first post is just relative to the way you posted yours.