Monday, July 17, 2006

ricardo arias live in madrid

for all ricardo friends, please know that he just called me from madrid where he arrived an hour ago. he will arrive to new york most probably tomorrow.

i didn't speak on the blog about ricardo being stuck in the country after coming to play 3 concerts and give a workshop.
i didn't want to worry him.
below is a passage from an email i sent to a friend asking me about ricardo when he was still here:

"all my worries go daily to ricardo arias who is stuck in beirut. i try to
joke with him to keep him going, but i can see he's freaking out. which is
normal. but i tend to forget. because we are really used to support this
shit. it is incredible to realize that after 15 years, we are still fucking
used to live in this shit. anyways, ricardo is going to be evacuated soon
with all the american citizens in beirut. i hope everything goes well for
him. at least on the mental level. i am pretty sure that the american
citizens risk nothing while leaving beirut. if there is one thing i have to admit the american government knows how to deal with, it's evacuations.
but this war is a kind of nerves game. and it is pretty tough to support it, especially if you have
nothing to do with it and you have a wife and a kid seeing the news from new
anyways, as i tell him everyday, he'll have things to tell for the upcoming
ten years. also, from all the musicians who came to beirut and asked about
how it was to live during the war, ricardo is the luckiest guy! he really
got the picture i think."

ricardo i am really glad you made it! i hope you arrive quickly to new york.
we're missing you already and big hellos from christine, sharif, rasha and all the others.


  1. here andres, from madrid.
    right now i'm in creta.
    how much are the tickets to libanon?


  2. mazen, i'm just tuning in now again to the blog. i don't know if you've made a decision to leave as of yet. you should. take evan and get the hell out of there. keep him safe... you have the opportunity. please take it.

  3. May peace come to all...
    Ricardo & his family are dear to me,
    I haven't seen them since 2004.
    I hope for safe travels.
    And for safe havens in Lebanon.
    My grandparents met in Beirut, without this beautiful city I would never be...
    I hope to share music & peace with you, once these whack cranks stop their phalluses from waggling
    salaam from Seattle

  4. ricardo,
    i received an international phone call this morning and couldn't answer. was it you? please post something here as soon as you arrive to new york. a lot of people are asking if you made it. i am sure you did.
    best my friend and see you soon.

  5. dear mz and andres,
    please come to amman, jordan and stay here. we'll surely find a way to get you in the country at some point. we'll do a fucking gig under the bombs. it is the new trend out here.

  6. Trumpets of JerichoJuly 18, 2006 at 9:19 AM

    Weeks ago I was wondering the same thing as Julio and me will be in Santorini (Thira island) on august 10th, though with our mom. Hope to be close enough to hear your trumpets blow over the bombs. Ici nous sommes, aqui nos quedaremos, a vuestro lado mazen (by your side dear friend).