Wednesday, July 19, 2006


  1. I came across your website today for the first time.
    Shukran, for a blog that brought back my belief in humans.
    it has been seven days of insanity being away for the first time from Lebanon in such bad time.
    Please KEEP drawing, writing and making music.
    We will all keep resisting

  2. I read your blog today for the first time. its really heart-worming. shukran!
    just before i sat with friends and we talked about the anti-war dmonstration that is going to take place on saturday, in our city - tel aviv.we said we'll all go there.
    my parents dont live in tel aviv. they live up north, in my home town - carmiel. they spend a lot of time in the shelter this days. i invited them to come to my place in tel aviv, but they said they are old, and like old people they need to be in a fammiliar place. they want to stay at home. i think its better for all of us that way. if my mom will come to live with me in tel aviv - I will have to go to the shelter.
    this situation is fucking crazy shit.
    i wish you happiness and peace, for you, for your people and for all of us.
    i hope all this evil would end some day. i hope it would end soon, but somehow i have a feeling that it wont happen *very* soon

  3. by the way. here is the israeli url with the link to your blog,7340,L-3278350,00.html#n

    the article is about lebanese and israely blogeer. they translated a few of your posts and there are links to different blogs.

  4. Hello Mazen:

    I loved seeing you "family tree" drawing. I know things must be tense for you and maybe you were in a hurry to post it, because you left out many, many branches. You family is very big and growing by the minute.
    Saalam, habibi,