Thursday, July 27, 2006

re-charging needed soon

re-charging needed soon
thursday 27 of july 2006

"i am still functional"

until when?


  1. I'd like to share my calm nights and quiet days with you... what more can I say... Please trust, that there are people all over the world who feel extremely sorry for what is happening in Lebanon now. This is one planet, and borders are fake. What happens to you - happens to us all as well, even thou there are some blind ones who don't get it.

    Blaise, Wroclaw/Poland

  2. I'd like to FTP some peace to you... too bad it's not that easy.

  3. Mazen,

    I too wish I could send you an email, of a relaxed morning, with coffee and croisants, even a little nutella, peut-être? Listening to some music...

    So I send you the thought instead, for now.
    I hear YOU in your drawings, loud and clear and powerful...

    I have shared your blog with many others, and the work is getting out there.

    And I keep you, your family and friends in my prayers.


  4. Mazen--

    I have used your words here in my most recent poem, which also uses some of your mom's. I always italicize my thefts so as to make them obvious. So as to not clog your space with my creation I will just note that the poem is called "Tête d’otages no. 1 (Jean Fautrier, 1943)" and can be found at

  5. You are in our prayers in my quiet corner of Scotland. What is happening to your country brings shame to us all.

  6. i had some good laughs over serious rushes!
    take care
    keep up
    make noise ;)

  7. Your art is amazing. I am an artist working in animation in Los Angeles and I have to say you are as talented as any artist here. Your art goes much further than what we do here which is strictly for entertainment. You are drawing from a place beyond the superficial. I hope some day to see your work in an international exhibition and I wish you and your family all the best.