Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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here's an updatable list of links you can download the piece "starry night" from:

+ all the people who posted comments with a link to download the piece.


  1. hey mazen and everybody,

    i posted the sounds here:

    best regards from cologne

    udo m

  2. for yesterday's bombs in your song, for 82, for 48 ..
    spent 2 years of my life in lebanon.
    one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
    because it looks a lot like home-israel, with higher mountains, bigger lakes and a sence of elsewhere.
    but I didnt want to be there, not like this. to go home once a month or two, riding for 6 hours in an open truck, waiting for an ambush, just to get back to the border and take a bus for another 6 hours, looking constantly under the seat, and on who comes up wearing a coat on a summer day.
    it was the same for my father, only in the south, deep sinai, and my son will inlist in couple years.
    I am not a poet or musician, but sombody maybe explain to me how to stop it. again sorry, but just disappearing from here, or changing into something we are not, is not an option ..

  3. mazen, when we met in albi you told that there was not so many birds left in lebanon because of previous wars. now, i just listened to the night insects between the bombs in 'starry night'. i prefer that silence is inhabited by insects songs. maybe you could add them on the credits of the track. ok there is also dogs. but night insects in lebanon : i hope i'll listen to them in the field some day.
    by the way, needs also to speak to your lawyers.

  4. hey marzen,
    your blog mentioned on "radio FBI" in Sydney Australia.
    (radio FBI is an independent radio station, nothing to do with law enforcement, really)
    Keep up the good work

  5. shlomi, israel
    just wanna to say that i can seem to understand your bullshit!!!
    a week ago israel was peacfull
    and lebanon too. then hizbalah took two soldiers and killed 8.
    what were they thinking? this would go quite??? hell no. we protect our people and care 4 every one.
    iran is to be the blame 4 your country position but i guess you just want somebody to hate and israel is an easy target to hate...
    if you have anything smart to say
    i want to hear:

  6. mazen, heard about your blog on jjj radio in Australia today.

    stay free!

  7. Salut, si je me plante pas je t'ai vu aux "Instants" à Montreuil avec sharif Shenaoui ?
    Tes dessins sont vraiment super bien que le sujet soit pas top il faut en convenir ...
    Donc, penses que tu as des amis musiciens qui pensent à toi dans cette foutue merde ....

    Claude Parle

  8. Mazen, i put this night the audio in beyrouth as you recorded it.
    All my best...
    Palix in Paris

  9. Mazen, i put this night the audio in beyrouth as you recorded it.
    All my best...
    Palix in Paris

  10. Salut gros pédé,
    tu sais comme je t'aime et que tu me manques.
    Le temps de trouver un pot de 2kg de vaseline et je viens te retrouver à Beyrouth.
    A moins que tu te casses, ce que je comprendrai.
    Au fait, les petites bites qui font des commentaires politiques, si tu veux, je peux aller leur ramener le rectum au niveau des amygdales.

    Alex Medawar

  11. Hi Mazen

    I heard you on Triple J radio this morning in Australia. My thoughts are with you and all those around you. I cannot even comprehend what it must be like. Stay safe! Live free!

    Good Luck

  12. Hey Mazen,
    I listened to you on JJJ in Melbourne this morning. I was born in 1972, and lived all my life in Beirut. All my growing up was in the war, and the best years of my life were spent in the war.
    this might sound a bit cynical, but as long as we as a nation are divided by religion and hatred, people like the Israelites will always be able to walk all over us.

    Dude, my family are still in Beirut, and they have just fled to our house in the mountains. It is easy for people to look at what is happening to you from the comfort of there safe homes and offices, but no one can understand what it feels like to be in Beirut.

    Hang in there; you will survive and rebuild, like we always do.

  13. Hi Mazen, stay safe. I like your blog and will definitely come back to visit. My fathers side of the family is from Baalbek which gives me a strong connection to the Lebanon.

  14. Hey Mazen

    It was surreal to hear you on TripleJ radio in Australia this morning. Just wonderful to hear that French tinge in your English accent and well it brought back so many memories...

    Your drawings are vivid and evocative.

    The past week or so, I have been in constant touch with friends all over the world, all Lebanese expatriots who lived out the war the first time, but now work overseas because there is never enough work going around from a country that was trying to get back on its feet! Or fled halfway through because it never looked like it was going to be over!Well they are just as anxious, and being far away, they worry about family and friends... To hear you say that you may not want to leave! wow!

    And now... ten years of rebuilding.. ten years of getting people back to their villages.. some hint of a revival...that silence you were talking about..........

    Bonne chance

  15. thanks for the updates, i've been w/ you (reading your blog) since the july 17. i've been a fan of your playing beforehand thanks to talents like ricardo arias et al (telling the word). i'm looking forward to the day i can play w/ you. thank you for your strength and mental/artistic fortitude.

    (replicating the plight of your compatriots on my list virally)

    hugs all around,

    -aaron, brooklyn

  16. Your drawings and sounds had a huge effect on me. I will be praying for you and your loved ones. I wish I knew more things I could do.

    I posted your recording on my website:

    As for your problems uploading your drawings to Blogspot, have you considered getting a Flickr account?

  17. Hi Mazen,

    I heard about your blog on Triple J this morning. I'm listning to your starry night bombing mp3 right now. I can't even slightly imagine what you and the people over there are going through. The mp3 gives we chills. Stupid war! It sucks that even after all the horrible wars that have taken place in the world we STILL resort to violence. I can't really do much for you but just don't give up on the world. There is still some good out there even though it may be hard to find.
    My thoughts are with you.


  18. Such beautiful music in such terrible circumstances. There are tears in my eyes. I will pray for you, and hope that one day you will play in the UK (who share part of the blame).

  19. Ok Mazen that was a test of the blogger system which I'm not familiar with.So you don't want to talk politics...very refreshing !!
    I love the illustrations. you have a great hand ! I especially liked the one when you'r too drunk...that you have to go to sleep...I had so many entries like that in my journal that I kept when I was a growing disturbed teenager, back from long nights of rock'n'roll and hashish... i'm an israeli living in the US. Illustrator my ink, a brush and a white paper is all i need. one of my favourite places to be is inside my head while drawing...
    What really worries me know is the common knowledge that I will never have my dream come through.
    You see when I grow up in israel there was a famous song "song for peace" about this kid that goes to the kindergarden and the teacher tells him that when he'll grow there will be peace. And so he grows and there is now peace. so it's like a generation, 20-25 years and things are the same. When i heard that song on the radio I was 5. And growing up I always thought that this song is absurd because off course there will be peace because we know words like compromise, and peace, and shering and together if we have these words them we most have the knowledege of these words, right? so we can actually manifest their meaning ,right ? well it been a while im in my thirties and a new war just started which is part of all the other wars that will never stop.
    and as to you bro ?!
    I hope you'll see the clear sky above your city soon as possible.
    look around on all the pain and suffering and distruction and find some sense in it. I mean in the life that are still there.
    one more dream i had and i think is not going to happen:
    I want to get into a car from Tel aviv all the way up north VIA-MARIS
    to beiruth and stop for what is maybe the best Shawarma in the world.
    I just don't think that as an Israeli I coul'd look a lebanon person in the eyes. Well I my self am sitting in NYC far away from the trouble. I pray for my brother that was called for reserve service today. And I pray for you in beirut.
    between you two there is me here in NY angry because me and my girl here killed an innocent Moth butterfly we had mistaken for a mosquito...really it just hapened...stupid world.
    be safe

  20. Millenia B.C: Phoenicians leave the ports of Tyre and Sidon in their efforts to spread to the seas and discover the Mediterranean. Among the many islands they populate is the island that the greeks would later call Melita - the land of honey - later to become Malta.

    Millenia B.C. to 1964:Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, Angevins, Knights of Jerusalem (then Knights of Malta), French and finally English successively occupy the island and its peoples. The Maltese people achieve independence in 1964 and join the European Union in 2004.

    July 2006. A Maltese in Luxembourg sits at his computer and the only irritating noise around is of the lawn mower mowing the grass in the park outside. Breakfast comes from a full frige and the only mobility outside is that of commuters off to their day of work. On the pc Kerblog and the bbcnews remind me of the troubles on the side of the world where it all began.

    Very little (or none) of the blood of the Phoenicians from the land of the cedar tree probably runs through my veins. Our only common link is our semitic/arabic language that stayed strong through the ages. Yet I can still feel a strong empathy for your situation and of that of thousands of others who are suffering the consequences of war and failed diplomacy.

    Words are hard to find. I wish you luck with your blog and I hope that you can still find it in your heart to look ahead to a brighter future. Keep up the blogging!

    Your blog added to mine:

  21. Hi Mazen

    I heard about your blog on JJJ radio this morning, all your comments and thoughts were so moving - i especially feel for your apolitical stance as you said it doesn't matter whos fault it is, it should just stop.

    My thoughts are with you, your family and your country.

    stay safe


  22. Hi Mazen,

    A friend send me your blog address. Keep resisting! We all need to know that there are humans living and working where tv shows only destruction.

    Harri V

  23. Hi Mazen,

    A friend send me your blog address. Keep resisting! We all need to know that there are humans living and working where tv shows only destruction.

    Harri V

  24. Hi mazen,

    keep strong, and I really hope everything will be over soon. Meanwhile, keep it like this, I like the way you distinguish politics and arts...

    it's everybody's fault...

  25. Hi Mazen,
    I'm from South Africa, found the link to your blog on
    I think that it is amazing what you are doing, getting your message of resistance across. Be strong Mazen, I feel like I know you...

  26. Dear Mazen,

    Thank you for sharing your courage, your spirit and of course your art with us all over the world. Lebanon is in our prayers and thoughts--

    From Cairo,

  27. what I see is a single man saved by a nation's catastrophy.

  28. Trumpets of JerichoJuly 20, 2006 at 4:30 AM

    hi mazen, hi sherif
    incredible how "hearing" the war is a lot better way to communicate it to the world than just "reading it". it hits my heart so deeply, as the airplanes I had already heard last night through bech. The rawest....keep on recording and eventually release it as a bonus track in your next!!
    stand firm on your magic yellow sandals ;) kisses

  29. I posted a link to this on MetaFilter--hopefully that will aid distribution some...

  30. Dear Mazen,
    i regret to say to you that the sound in tape is beautiful. It's beautiful because we are not under the bomb. That silence, that space is so beautyfull for me because it didn't mean any direct danger.
    Yet i could understand why all that people enjoy to play with arms as baby with toys, because they are on the good side and can hear their strong imbecility
    I never touch an arm i prefer my trombone as you pen and trumpet it is the right and difficult thing to do.
    and i hope never hear nuclear bomb or whatever as the japanese.
    and i remember gallery sd which was bombing
    Protect yourself as you can and amitiés to all the beyrouth improvisers.
    Thierry from paris

  31. Maz,

    I'll put your sound up on my website too, if it's still necessary. Probably the best thing is to copy it from someone else's site, then put it on my server. I'll let you know if that works. The more the merrier.

  32. i wish i could hear more, so i can shudder in terror and empathize more closely to your reality i'm am saddened (on top of the current tre fucked up situation), that your tour of the u.s. won't be happening. i do hope, that one day. you'll be able to visit here so that we (including the good peeps in nyc)can share.



  33. In all the back and forth, no-one's said the obivious...

    Stay safe...

    Good luck,


  34. you can this piece also on my blog "la ultima ola"

  35. thank you for your improvisation.. very evocative.. please.. stay safe.