Wednesday, July 19, 2006

sounds from beirut looking for a room

i finally found out a way to download on my computer 7 minutes from the 40 minutes track i recorded from the first night. it is very rough and unmixed and badly recorded. and the problem of not being able to hear the huge silences over the 40 minutes is awful. i think it is the most important part. this fucking silence.
anyways, i have a 6.30min mp3 now and i am looking for a website to post it on. i need a website that can support a large bandwith to be able to make it downloadble easily. if anybody has an idea, please tell me.
ideally i'd post it on more than one site maybe.
also music related sites (not sony or universal) are for sure better.


  1. beautiful work mazen.
    your post on "melange frappant d'angoisse et de nostalgie" killed me.
    I'm stuck in london unable to go back. And amid the horror of life going on as usual here while my grandmother, aunt and cousins are now homeless, I feel a childhood longing for war. It feels crazy, I feel crazy. Stay sane, your drawings help keep us sane.

  2. have you tried
    it is easy to upload music and video too, so it should accept large bandwidth.
    thank you for opening a window on reality for us. it is hard to know what is really going on form the other side of the world

  3. I'll try to ask a friend to tell how you can post a "Music Box " in your Blog!

  4. Congratilations for your work!
    We hope your land has peace soon, like all man deserve.
    Best regards from Portugal.

  5. hey mazen,
    if it helps, i can upload your soundfiles on my personal website (well, its the website of my band "das mollsche gesetz) which is hosted on a good, reliable server in germany and has quite a good bandwith connection, i think. just tell me and then we can check out technical details. and, in the meantime: i´m tuning in to your blog every few hours, mailed the link also to the whole moers-gang, so: keep it on. best wishes again from cologne. udo moll

  6. Myspace can take and mp3 that size. It could also be a good piece for baggatellen.

  7. thanks for the suggestions.
    i am trying myspace. the uploading is going to be difficult because i still have dial-up connection!
    damon, do you have any contact with bagatellen? and if yes can you point him to this blog to see if they would like to post the track?

  8. mazen,
    si tu veux je peux mettre (aussi) tes sons sur
    je t'ai envoyé un email



    are two good public sites for music files.



    are two free, popular sites for music files.

    i've forwarded your blog link far and wide -- sending support.

    -- mara

  11. you can upload it to (better zip/rar it first), or

    My heart is with you my friend. I am, sadly, on the other side of the border, occupied lands of palestine. about 15 minutes away from the border, I can hear everything that's going on, bombings in lebanon & bombings over here. I wish this unjust war will end & Lebanon will recover & go back to what it used to be. someone should draw the line somewhere, WAKE UP YOU STUPID ARAB WORLD!! the arab countries are worse than western countries, damn it.

    I wish you the best my friend, justice will be done, sooner or later. till then, stay safe.

  12. i signed up just to respond
    it is midnight and i have a test tomorw but becuase of the damm war i still not sure if it gonna take place.
    you make my cry reading this post.
    we are all to blame.
    i am an artist like you, hope one dat soon we can do sime art together, and show it in beirot and tel aviv...
    telling our kids that once we hated each other, but we came threw.
    i wish you and your people all the best, just as i wish my people.
    and hopefully our god (you call it Alla i call it Alohim) will watch all of us, and bring us peace to our area soon.
    feel free to use my email, to talk about art, music, movies math any thing but this war.

  13. Check out google page creator. You can upload up to 100 MB and it'll generate a link you can post. For your pics, try The idea is that you could post the pics there and just link through through blogger instead of having them all up here. Another option would be to archive. It's just a switch inside blogger which will put your older posts in a blog on their own and wouldn't have to republish them every time.

  14. The war is on the news day and night here, so your cause is not lost on the world. I am not religious, but my heart goes to you and your family. Be strong.
    Best whishes from South Africa

  15. i wish u'll have peace one day,real soon.
    take good care and keep posting.we hear you.
    best regards from Malaysia.

  16. will host any files for download without restricting number of downloads, no delays etc. Really good.

    Look after yourself - my thoughts are with you.

  17. Hello Mazen, I'm from a Belgian Radio Channel ( We like what you did very much and were amazed by the sound you recorded. Is there a possibility to call you in one of our radioshows? Do you speak English well? If you give your telephonenumber, we will call you this Sunday (July 23th) around 10pm your time (that's 9pm our time, I guess). Can you send your number to and to Thanks very much!!!