Saturday, July 29, 2006

my life?

my life?
and my life tomorrow?
and after tomorrow?
and after after tomorrow?
and after after after tomorrow?
and etc?
and after etc?
and after?


  1. yes.... BIG questionmark...

  2. Mazen
    In 1984, I let someone engrave another quetion mark on a small golden icon
    It was a present to a lover who was fighting in the Lebanese Resistance at the time...
    Since I have left Lebanon
    burried my head in the sand
    did gardening and weeded my lawn
    12 years after my question mark bounces on me today ...
    Love to all

  3. Well many years after
    More love

  4. The new drawings/writings are amazing,
    after all the fake objectivity of press images - exactly what is needed.

  5. this is another day and you are alive.
    I take some draws- they are very good, i like them- for my blog ( Lisboa Portugal)

  6. Salut Mazen,

    I noticed that your blog has been added to wikipedia by a reader, which is well done, but Kerblog has yet to be promoted on The Truth Laid Bear, so I recommended it to this website.

    I apologize, I had to classify Kerblog as "general information" because unfortunately there is no room for "Art" on The Truth Laid Bear. They just missed the most important part !

    As usual stay alive, be strong, and thank you so much for turning human insanity into creativity

    Arnaud (Paris)

  7. Hi Mazen

    Portugal here...
    My thoughts are with you all.
    When should human beings stop living in infamy?
    Keep you courage and your great music and art.


    Rui Eduardo Paes

  8. Resist to it now that everything is unanswerable. Resist for your life and mind. Face the questionmark when this is over. You may find answers then.

    our thoughts and wishes are with you all,

  9. Mazen, my heart goes out to the Lebanese people...
    keep on drawing and talking....