Monday, July 24, 2006

real news from beirut / fourth issue

real news from beirut 4


  1. this world is scavenging over the remains of the masses' brains. unfortunalety nothing is left.

  2. how can we condemn resistence when it is our only hope to stand against this ugly Joke.
    leftist, muslim, fanatic, or fundementalist, even terrorist, this is all there is against the stupid world order

  3. All CNN reporters are in the region and they still find a way to LIE... Are they blind? Are they deaf? Are they criminals?


  4. I am new to this. Your work is fantastic. Here in Cyprus we do our best trying to accommodate and help all these people until they go back to their countries. We offer them free shelters, food and supplies. What do we get at the end? CNN broadcasting accusations of how we overcharge people in regards to accommodation and transfers. Bullshit!
    At least we dont bomb them.