Monday, July 17, 2006

learn to read in one lesson

dear readers from abroad,
please read the images in the pages in arabic from right to left!


  1. hi Kerbaj, I'm from Italy and I'm with you.
    You have to help us to understand what is happening, if it is possible.
    If you got sounds, please post them

  2. Hi Mazen,


    it is difficult to say something..
    thank you for your words and your drawings.

  3. hi mazen, i'm a musician from switzerland. we did a lot of concerts in beirut and we just wanted to book our flight back to beirut again as this horrible war startet. who wants this war? nobody exept extremists like the military force of israel and the hizbollah. everybody else is suffering too much of this war. The government of israel call it self defense? how can you call it self defense if the lebanese people can’t get out of lebanon anymore, can’t communicate, can’t work anymore, can’t live without the fear of death and the whole world is doing nothing, because there is no oil to take power of! i really do hope that this war will stop and that the world will check how dangerous this whole situation is! i pray for peace! and i pray that the u.s. governement will once open their eyes and see what’s really going on!

  4. No government has to open any eye to see - they do this with eyes wide open...
    and hearts of stone.


  5. lebanon will be fine with people like you ya mazen

    keep drawing...

  6. Hello Mazen,

    we met briefly when you played at Kraakgeluiden in Amsterdam, both of us unaware of what the future would bring. Yannick Dauby reminded me about your website and your drawings, and I just wanted to send a message saying "don't stop! keep going!". During the NATO bombing campaign against Serbia, some of the most powerful things I saw in my life were online messages from young people, artists and students in Belgrade, Novi Sad and elsewhere who simply expressed their daily experiences. Some were angry, vengeful and confused, others thoughtful, witty and ironic. But all of them gave a much better picture than the ones we saw on CNN and the BBC abroad. Now there's another crisis, and the world is watching again. I hope your art can cut through the media hype and government propaganda to show your own personal lived experience of this event to everyone who takes the time to look.