Sunday, July 23, 2006

different wars

different wars?


  1. i still can't even describe to myself what it feels like to watch all this war from helsinki. i am on an artist residency here and the war has started without me.
    i was always wondering what war would be like if i am not a kid anymore? today it happened but i have no answer 'cause i am stuck here, forwarding emails, watching tvs and surfing blogs...i felt lucky at the start. as days go by, i feel as a prisonner and that i can't come back...i am a stranger to this war now, i am a stranger to all of my lebanese friends
    who are living the repetition of our past and what constitue our collective memory as lebanese....

    keep it up
    we all can work from wherever we are. lots is being said and done. it might not change politics but it definitly keeps us going

    peace, love and trees

  2. I think what you're doing touches every lebanese in the world... the word is out : check out Mazen's blog ! I was at a demonstration two days ago in Paris, someone had printed one of your darwings (we resist)copyright??. I am frustrated as well not to be in Lebanon for this new round of hostilities. Nostalgia of my first twelve years in this world, a little ; and frustration of not being able to help more, a lot ! We ARE older now. It seems we all feel a calling... Today, we can make a difference, somehow.

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