Friday, July 14, 2006

bang? blog!

2 years of lazyness before starting this blog.
i'll begin then by thanking israel who burned in one night two years of efforts to avoid getting myself trapped in this adventure. good job guys! especially the airport party. and the bridges. no way to leave the country. nothing else to do than this blog.
after all, we all need sometimes a valid reason to start to work, and a good old war soundscape is ok as a starting point.


  1. et moi je mets au crochet... devant la tele a fond, je deviens doucement archetypale

  2. And where does Lebanon and Hizbollah's responsibility begin? Israel left Southern Lebanon. Left completely. Had UN come out to confirm that Israel had not a toe into an inch of Lebanese territory. So what is Lebanon doing harboring Hizbollah? When Hizbollah kidnapped an IDF soldier, it knew full well what the consequences would be. The blame is being misplaced, Mazen.

  3. You might be right "mr unreasonable doubt", but then again, and not all together without sarcasm, what is Israel doing harboring a facist government?

  4. Dans un cri de haine
    je t'ecris en silence
    avec l'espoir qui s'efface
    le coeur qui se froisse
    et les oreilles qui se fachent.

    Dans un bruit crissant
    je reprendrai mes armes
    devant cet ecriteau blanc
    pour ce pays signe de sang
    et ses hommes impuissants.

  5. hey mazen
    im avi from israel 31 years old from the golan-hights

    so...for your pictures that you paint and for the pepole that see it and think that you'r pity...

    as you know israel is a country!
    lebanon is a country!

    in every place in this world ,if 1 country bomb other country or try to cross with wepones or try to harm in other way the other country is natural that the other country will protect her self in some way !
    allso if the hizballa are not lebenis and they are from many country (like :lebanon ,palestin ,siria ,saudia ,jurden ,ext.)
    they are shooting from your country and your pepole and your goverment know abaut it!!!!so dont try to say somthing als ,you not so pity!!!its not new thing abaut hizbala!!!they are in your country many many years and they are group of gerila fighters that known in the world terorist list!!!
    befor you start to blam the world of your houses and the bombing of israel ,try to solve the bigest problem of lebanon and try to be strong country with strong lider that gona say no!!!!!!to iran and his fucking hizbala assholes!
    simple as that
    i'v been in lebanon and i can tell you that i was travel 9 years in the world and i'v seen many many countrys...lebanon are 1 of the most biutifull country that i'v seen in my life!!!yes yes!!!
    so try to keep the silense and get your country to high place of the most turisty place that can offer worldwide my friend

    that all

  6. I was just driving to work this morning in Fremantle, Western Australia and they were talking about your blog on 'Triple J'.

    Just thought you should know the world is watching. I guess you already know that.

    I hope they stop bombing soon.

    We're all with you, hope the whiskey lasts!

    Good luck

  7. an old man
    what i learnt from living with araab pepole that honur in life is more importent from food or home.
    the other thing that helping the the arabs people is the dolideration, helping by giving more emunition and bome money for beiulding boonkers and giving the srtifikate of refuje.
    the ararb pepole do not need pour for ruling or controling others but only for fiting the enemy .
    the last six years lebanon stood bravly against attaks of israel
    your forces hizbala said inough and dirclair war on israel so what bad about that after years of suffering from boms no food you have dignity .
    do not be like the isralis that making fus from nothing ( killing their famely distroying there home, work and all nonsense of life).
    u have to belive in getting the right for haven as your lidder nassrala said , your other leaders are his maryonets so do not belive they say that lebanon is destroyed in 8 days .
    if u think the situatio is not good so use your power sending the siria pepole home and choose goverment that taking responsebilty to their border
    and talking to their neigburs.

  8. thank you old man,
    i'll just send a letter to bachar el assad and it will all stop.

  9. My little dog has ticks. Today, one of my little dog's ticks bit me, so I bombed my little dog. I have a right to defend myself.

    Daniele Luttazzi on Lebanon.