Friday, July 14, 2006

birds wake up



we go to sleep

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  1. It´s impossible for me to go to sleep until all of Mazens beautiful, tragic, funny and alarming statements have been commented on ... It´s an egocentric thing, a way of making myself feel that I am Doing Something. Perhaps I am. Perhaps these words of mine actually make a difference. Perhaps this comment is action, not just wishful thinking and pseudo-action. Honestly, though, I doubt that, BUT -

    I will not go to sleep pretending that what´s happening in Lebanon, the rest of the middle east and the total world around me is no concern of mine.

    It is a concern of mine.

    And ... it´s impossible to kill anyone while writing. Writing is an act of peace.

    Writing, too, might perhaps, at times, contribute to generating peace?

    I don´t know. I know nothing. But I write, perhaps for no other reasong than to say "I´m here, I´m listening, I won´t close my eyes on you".

    I won´t.

    Writing this is a prayer, for what it might be worth.