Saturday, July 15, 2006

night of 15th to 16th
recording session

mazen kerbaj / trumpet


the israeli goverment / bombs


  1. ... let your trumpet sound louder wider and further than their bombs...

    paula -madrid,spain-

  2. yeh man, blow dem shitty bombs away. i might well join in from cologne with my trumpet. maybe we should found the "trumpetplayers for peace" organization.
    keep it up, mazen. i think about all you guys daily.

    udo moll-cologne

  3. well, i have to admit that is not easy to compete with them. i don't know what kind of mouthpiece thoses fuckers use.

  4. why don't you use some amplification? try stepping out your usual routine, its extreme causes goin on...

  5. Ah mazen you show the diversity of the human spirit.To play with such madness as background.I am watching here in australia on tv.The airport I think it was,The biggest damn bomb I have ever seen.Big molten bits flying off for hundreds of meters,falling on innocent civilians lives and homes.It scared the pants off me even from thousands of kilometers away.My heart crys for the people of lebanon.THIS IS MURDER.THIS IS OVERKILL